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Short Film ‘Udne Do’ Exposes The Prevalence Of Child Predators In Our Society

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  •  January 10, 2019

Cinema is a powerful medium to create awareness about social issues and educating people about the topics that need immediate attention.

Udne Do, a short film by Mumbai-based filmmaker Aarti Bagdi, showcases the prevalence of child sexual abuse set against the backdrop of a school.

“There is a burning need for ‘good touch-bad touch’ sessions across every educational institution. We need parents and schools to open up about child sexual abuse with children, as it will help them identify the wrongdoers and protect themselves,” says Aarti.

Talking about her film, Aarti says that Udne Do is an empowering, educative, and sensitising experience that speaks to both children and adults and offers a conversation around the prevention of child sexual abuse, while making a case for a zero-tolerance attitude towards it.

The film was a learning experience for Aarti as she was exposed to the ground reality of how lightly child sexual abuse is taken in India, and she had conceived it as a project for a non-profit organization based in Pune named Gravittus Foundation.

“Movies are a medium that really helps. Whatever I have seen of Udne Do, I’m sure this film will leave a mark. It is essential for parents to understand their children well and observe them,” said Aarti.

Udne Do is a sensitively made film that involves children as protagonists and also stars veteran actor Revathy, who plays the lead role as the school principal. It focuses on how together as a society we can pull up child predators, whether it is someone at home or a stranger in a school. The narrative successfully explores the fear and anxiety that children face as they attempt to speak about abuse, and most importantly it shows the refusal of our acknowledgment to bring justice to the crime because of societal judgment.

“Cinema is a powerful medium and if film celebrities talk about social issues they are heard, written about. It is good for creating awareness. I am glad to be part of this film,” said Revathy after the launch of the film’s trailer on Friday.

Udne Do has received a positive response and many well-known celebrities like Farhan Akhtar, Madhuri Dixit, Subhash Ghai, and Soni Razdan have appreciated the film on their social media handles.

Watch the trailer of the film here:

Udne Do | Empowering Short Film for Children and Adults | Ft. Revathy | by Aarti Bagdi |

Udne Do is an empowering look at Child Sexual Abuse. The film speaks to both children and adults, creating awareness for the former in an empathetic storyline while modeling ideal behavour amongst parents and other authority figures in dealing with the issue.


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