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Shop Most Popular Shades Of Lipstick From The World Under One Roof!

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  •  June 27, 2015

Our world is becoming more glamorous. Believe it or not, London Heathrow Airport has taken a step that is going to revamp the image of lipstick and it’s users worldwide. 

The airport has released a report called Lipstick Colours Of The Year” using sales data that shows various lipstick shades that are most loved in 50 global cities! Wow! Delhi is representing us on this Lipstick-map. Aren’t you eager to know which shade majority of us prefer?o-LIST-900 - m The report says Delhi loves Orangey Red over other colors. What about Jaipur? Tell us in the comments below which lip-shape you like to wear the most!

And don’t miss this video where micro-artist, Hedley Wiggan, is carving five famous landmarks — Paris’s Eiffel Tower, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, Shanghai’s Tower and New York City’s Statue of Liberty – on lipstick!!


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