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Shocking Truth: Your Daughter has grown up!

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  •  November 14, 2014


Father-daughter relationships are complicated. When she is young, she would sleep on your chest and follow you everywhere. When she grows up, she prefers to stay on her own, and mostly without daddy.

But we cannot fully blame the daughter. Have you also noticed this unusual change in father’s behavior once girls reach their teenage? The men are all lovey-dovey with their daughters till they are 11 or 12. As soon as they hit their puberty, the fathers distance themselves from them. So, is it really difficult to handle a girl teenage child?

Fathers might think she is becoming a woman and the bubbly child he used to hold in his arms is going to change. Her rosy cheeks, the shaping breasts, a growing flair of long hair and make-up and (gulp) dating might be enough for the father to think she is no more that giggling toddler. Is it a state of shock for him?

Following are some ways on how you can nurture your relationship with your growing teenage daughter.

1. Don’t be a ‘fix-it-all’ – Daddy’s are known to fix anything and everything. But remember, you are dealing with a woman…well almost a woman. She needs someone she can talk to and pour your heart.

2. Understand the girl’s world – You cannot take her to wash your car in the garage or fix the tire to cheer her up. Her worries are different and have to be tackled differently. Become a little adjusting.

3. Share a good bond with your wife – Your daughter is watching you every minute. Check your words and actions you use with your wife. Respect her and your daughter will respect you for this.

4. Do activities with her & keep promises – When a mom and daughter can go shopping, why can’t a dad and daughter? Volunteer to go with her to buy school books, clothes, etc. And make plans with her like going for morning jog with her or an ice-cream date on Sunday evening. But, keep your promise.

5. Show your presence – Most of the families in Jaipur have business background and this means late and irregular working hours. Make sure you, at least, take one meal together with family in a day. This will help her trust you more.

6. Respect her privacy: It’s often difficult for a father to deal with their daughter’s changing body as she grows into a woman. Don’t react to her room’s closed door.

7. Focus on her talents, not on her looks: So what if she has started to apply makeup or donning a fancy haircut? Focus on her inner talents. Praise her for good marks in school/college or for her remarkable performance in her favorite sport. She will do wonders next time, trust us, and will also confine in you to discuss issues at school, etc.


 8. Get physical (sort of): While many fathers are often a bit wary of physical contact with their developing daughters; the hugs, kisses on the cheek and pats on the back are still important. Girls still need to feel their father’s love, not just hear about it.

We hope this article is of some help in improving your relationship with your daughter. xoxo

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