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Sheroes’ Sairee Chahal comes to Jaipur with ‘Work From Home’!

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  •  July 3, 2015


Delhi based organization, SHEROES, is like our elder sister. SHEROES is a market expert in providing job opportunities to women across India.

After knowing that SHEROES and JWB share the same mission, that is to empower women; we decided to carry on the campaign called ‘Business Lullabies’. This time Team SHEROES is coming to Jaipur, for it is organizing an event in the city for women who want to start work-from-home. The event is organized in association with ‘Jaipur Moms’ Club.

To give you more clarity about the event, we did a quick telephonic interview with Sairee Chahal, Founder of SHEROES.

JWB: Why is the event specifically focusing on women who want to start working from home?

Sairee: SHEROES has been collaborating with women groups of Jaipur in the past to empower women in some way or the other. However, each time I notice women asking about how to find a work/workplace with time-flexibility.

JWB: Jaipur women working from their homes. How strong is this picture?

Sairee: Very much. Jaipur is an upcoming city in every sense. Since the working options are quite less, women, in particular, are still searching the right career ladders for them. If the concept of ‘Work from Home’ comes to Jaipur in a full-fledged way, many developments can happen.

JWB: What is your workshop all about?

Sairee: About – gazing the horizon, evaluating business and e-commerce; and finding opportunities.

JWB: Women with what kind of mindset are you expecting to attend it?

Sairee: Women who are keen to – learn, evaluate their potential and explore new opportunities. These women can be young migrants from another cities or married women with kids. These can be women who are naïve and even those who want to restart their career.

JWB: Why do you think it is important for women to attend workshops like this?

Sairee: You know meeting new people and discussing fresh ideas can actually help us understand where we really fit in best! This workshop is like that friend aspiring women want to listen to. I am sure, after the session attendees will have 10 new options to kick-start their career journey. There is a big picture awaiting them, with many tangible work opportunities.

JWB: Just like ‘work from home’, is ‘home-training’ realistic?

Sairee: Why not? We can always find mentors to guide us, sometimes online, sometimes next-door!

JWB: What opportunities do you see for women working from home?

Sairee: It is wide. Predicted lines are digital marketing, marketing research, strategy management, online consultation, virtual HR, virtual assistance, etc.
Entrepreneurship is also excelling.

JWB: Thanks to the web.

Sairee: Definitely. And women seem to be its biggest beneficiary.

JWB: Do you have a ‘work from home’ story?

Sairee (laughs): Well, I am a full-time mommy to a girl and a dog. Apart from this, I am so much involved in writing, teaching and traveling that I, honestly, don’t find quality time to work from home. For now, I am happy supporting women who want to.

JWB: Excellent! How do you manage work-life balance?

Sairee: I strongly believe in one mantra. Find top 3 priorities of the day/month/life, and just go after them. Everything else will be taken care of.

JWB: Lastly, any message for our readers.

Sairee: Actually two. First – Follow your heart. And second – Career is like an investment. Make one and change your life’s orbit.

The event is happening on Friday, July 10 at 11:30 am. Venue is Hotel Om Tower, M.I Road. Register yourself here!

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