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She Doesn’t Want To Be A Mother At Thirteen

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  •  October 23, 2015


We’re not changing, are we? We’re not going to learn from our past experiences. Let me put forth a question for all of you reading – Why are women still suffering? We’re doing a lot to improve the condition, right? Why can’t we find a strong solution? Just…why does this keep happening?

I’m talking about a not-so-recent story. This story is months old when a thirteen year old girl became a rape victim and is now pregnant with the child of her rapist.

She curses her fate that she should have told what had happened to her that very night.

It wasn’t you, little girl. It was them. It was the cruel face of humanity.

“Why should I become a mother at this age”, she says.


It all began when at a religious storytelling, a minor rapist (Just…wow…) caught her when she was alone behind the stage and raped her. He threatened her that if she told anyone, he’d kill his parents. Coming from the richest village family, the boy had a lot of contacts and that is why the little girl got scared and didn’t tell anyone.

It was about a month later that she felt sick and after getting checked up it was discovered that she was pregnant.

Her horrifying story was shut behind the gates of Queens Mary Medical College, Lucknow, where she is referred to as the “Raped Girl”.

Her mother wants to kill the man who brought her into this situation; sadly he’s still out in the open.

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