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Share-a-Care: Mrs. Aaditi Pardal & her mother-in-law Mrs. Kavita Pardal at Andraab

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  •  November 6, 2014


We hope you liked the 1st story of our campaign. This is the 2nd conversation we had with another duet of a Jaipur based mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law talking about what they share in common apart from the one man in their life.


Andraab, the house of hand-woven Pashmina, is supporting the cause, saying these two beautiful women definitely share some warmth! To explore just this, we made the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law sit under one Andraab shawl talking about their similarities.


Meet Kavita Pardal and her daughter-in-law Aaditi Pardal. As soon as the bubbly duo entered Andraab, the room was filled with happy-energy.

Kavita – More than anything, it feels like I have emerged in the Persian era. Such a lovely store you have!

Mubashir Andraabi (Co-founder) – I have no doubt you love Sufi music. Mind if I play my new collection a little bit louder?


Kavita – Please go ahead. My father loves this culture, and so do I. I was born in Kashmir and hence, have a special attachment with the place.


As they spoke, we noticed there is something about the Andraab house. The peace in the air gives you enough time to absorb the beauty of Mughal paintings hanging on the walls and the artwork in their Pashmina shawls. Add to it the incredible hospitality.

As everyone sipped hot Kahwah (Kashmir’s special tea), we asked Kavita and Aaditi to select one Pashmina from the collection without any compromise in their choices. After all they had to sit under one shawl.


Aaditi – Mom, see this one. The beige base is letting all the colorful threads pop-out. Sheer beauty. I love botanical motifs.

Kavita – Oh my god, such a pretty shawl.

That moment we knew, this is the one.


JWB – So now you can sit, and we will ask you to share the warmth of this hand-woven Pashmina shawl.

Kavita – I would love to sit like this forever!


JWB – Haha. Mr. Mubashir, can she?

Mubashir Andraabi – You, by the way, add equal grace to it.

JWB – So, talk about the common things between both of you.

Kavita – My son, her husband.


Aaditi – Actually it is 2 men now. I have a small son.

JWB – No, that’s not our point. You certainly have these men in common, but this campaign asks about other common traits or dreams that keep your relationship warm.


Kavita – Dear don’t even get us started on it. It’s a long list.

JWB – Go on…

Aaditi – We both love pink color, books, shoes, home décor, chocolates. Sometimes, we meet each other in the corridor after midnight in search of chocolates.


Kavita – And we both are camera-shy and have a fear of going on the stage.

Trust us, the lovely ladies then went on talking about their similarities for next 4 minutes or so. Well, that’s a big count.

JWB – If you both are locked in a room with absolutely nothing, what would you talk about?


Aaditi – How to reduce weight and then about food, and also would plan holidays! (giggles)

Kavita – More about holidays. We, definitely, need to spend more time together.


JWB – Let’s listen how different you both are.

Aaditi – Mom is a perfectionist, while I am a laid-back person.

Kavita – No, you are not.


Aaditi – And and …I cannot cook.

Kavita – Ummm…


JWB – Is that so Kavita?

Kavita – But she makes amazing scrambled eggs.

Aaditi – Haha. Mom, tell them the truth.


Kavita – Yes, this can probably be the only difference between us – the cooking part. However, she follows all the food channels religiously and keeps giving me tips all the time, while I am in the kitchen.

By this time we had discovered how humble Kavita was as a mother-in-law, she added…

Kavita – Not for the sake of this interaction, but I would like to mention that Aditi is the warmest person in my life. The way she takes care of the guests at home and greets the friends & relatives is just commendable. You would never know if the person she is talking to is her best friend or my childhood buddy.


JWB – Seeing how well-maintained and fashionable Kavita is, have you ever borrowed anything from her?

Aaditi – All. The. Time. Unfortunately, her shoes don’t fit me.


JWB – And do you, Kavita?

Kavita – I adore her collection of hand bags, clutches, shawls…

JWB – Shawls. Interesting!

Kavita – Yes, she has an interesting collection.

JWB – Kavita, is there anything you wish you could do with Aditi but are not able to because of the age constraint?


Kavita – Workout. She is a fitness-freak, and I love the energy with which she works out every single day. I wish I had that vigor.

JWB – Aaditi, if we add few years to your age, what activity would you want to enjoy with your mum-in-law?

Aaditi – Mom, I have always wanted to accompany you to the Jindal Farms in Bangalore and relax. She goes there every year, but somehow I have been missing out.


JWB – One common dream you share, while you are sitting ‘under this shawl’?

Kavita – To have a dream house with a beautiful drive-way, a big garden and nice servant quarters.

Aaditi – We have been dreaming about it for quite some time now.

JWB – Any common fear ‘under this shawl’?

In chorus – Stage-fear, like we said!


We noticed, Kavita and Aaditi do share a lot in common indeed.  The manner in which they wear their hair, the way they talk and even dress! FYI, the ladies were in grey pants, by chance. Hearty connection, we say.


As we bid good-bye to one another, Andraab gifted two beautiful silk scarves to the ladies as a souvenir.


PS – Keep watching this space for one more warm conversation.

Photography credits – Mr. Vinod Singh Gusain

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