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Share-a-Care: Kirti Rathore & Her Mother-in-law, Mrs. Nirmala Kumari Share Warmth At Andraab

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  •  November 7, 2014


Are you enjoying reading our Share-a-Care campaign  with Andraab, the house of hand-woven Pashmina? Here is our 3rd conversation with the fashion designer Kirti Rathore & her mother-in-law Nirmala Kumari.


If you are new to our campaign, let us tell you about the motto behind it. Everyone has a notion that the relationship between a daughter-in-law and a mother-in-law is not at all lovey-dovey. However, we think just the opposite. We believe that this relationship has a lot more in common, of course, other than the man in their life. Andraab supports our thought saying that there is a lot of warmth between the in-law women. To explore more, we made Jaipur ladies sit under one Andraab Pashmina shawl and asked what sort of warmth they share with one-another!


We knew getting Kirti Rathore on board would be a little difficult, keeping in mind her busy schedules. And that made us more eager to unearth the relationship between her and her mother-in-law. After all we wanted to know, how she cooperates with Kirti’s lifestyle? Does it give rise to any coldness between them?

JWB – Hello, Nirmala ji and Kirti. Thank you very much for taking out time.

Kirti – Not a problem. I wanted to meet the people behind Jaipur Women Blog. Since I belong to this city, I was more curious.

JWB – Let us begin with an interesting activity. You and Nirmala ji have to choose a Pashmina shawl but without compromising on anyone’s choice. Both of you must like it.


Nirmala ji is an elderly woman whose hearing ability is not very strong. When we asked the duo to select the shawl, Kirti explained her mum-in-law the process. The moment was just the glimpse of their yet to be explored warm relationship.

As Kirti walked around the showroom, she held hands with Nirmala ji. Together they picked an oxblood Pashmina shawl with floral motifs. The ‘bel’ embroidery is one of its kind in Kashmir, and is world-renowned. So why red? Definitely, we were excited to know the viewpoint of the famous designer.


KirtiCan you see these green and yellow hand-weaves? Not every artisan can do this with perfection. Andraab really has a knack for it. The hot-red base has been transformed into a traditional palette and the rose, poppy flowers come dancing on it. Loved this shawl!

So do we. We invited them to sit on the sofa, covering themselves with this shawl.


JWB Can you tell us what you share in common with your mum-in-law?

Kirti – Apart from having facial similar features, that many people point out, we share 2 very strong points. We both are very reserved and spiritual.


JWB – And differences?

Kirti – Maa, do you know about any?


Nirmala ji shook her head in denial.

JWB – Ah, no difference at all! Then you two must be having lots of common dreams!

Kirti – Certainly. However, my biggest dream is for her. She wanted to go to all four ‘dhaams’ of the Hindu culture. Apparently, Rameshwaram is left. I tried taking her there but an unfortunate accident changed the plan. She was badly hurt.


JWB – Was it so serious?

Kirti – So bad that I took a vow to walk barefoot till she would stand up on her feet.


JWB – How long was it?

Kirti – Seven months.

JWB – Kirti, you are very kind.


Kirti – She is my mother, I don’t call her my mother-in-law. I got married very early, and that’s why, couldn’t spend much time with her. Basically, I grew up and became wiser under her guidance.

JWB – Nirmala ji, we have a question for you. Kirti is a full-time designer, and most probably, she is not being able to stay at home most of the time. We want to know, what makes Kirti so special?

DSC_1497Kirti repeated the question close into her ears. Nirmala ji smiled, took Kirti’s hand and said: “I am proud of her.”


At that, Kirti had tears in her eyes. She expressed her heart: “Mummy is more excited than anyone when my interviews go on-air or are printed in the newspapers. She is the one who helped me come out of ‘Purdah’ system and walk the ramp as a successful designer.”


JWB – Nirmala ji, do you take any fashion advice from your daughter-in-law?

Nirmala ji – I always ask her for new designs in blouse.


JWB – Kirti, do you want to share the earliest memory with her?


Kirti – There was a party at home once soon after I got married. All the friends and family members were visiting home that day for the grand feast. I offered her my help to wind up the task at the end. She straight away asked me to go inside while she herself worked till late with the maids. That moment, I thought she was the ‘strict one’ in the house. Then few days later, she asked me to fry the ‘masala’ for the curry she was making. I didn’t know how to cook and kept stirring the gravy until it turned black and fumes started coming out. I got so scared that I thought she would kill me. (Laughs)


JWB – What happened next?

Kirti – Mummy laughed. She laughed a lot.


JWB – That must have broken the ice.

Kirti – And also brought in the warmth between us.


JWB – Nirmala ji, is there anything that you think you have missed out in life?

Nirmala ji – Freedom. These young people enjoy life, and I would love to live like them someday.

JWB – She is such a nice woman. Kirti, since you are too much involved with Bollywood affairs, we would love to know one song you dedicate to Nirmala ji.

Kirti‘Maa’ from movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’. Today I cannot imagine myself without her.


This has been one of the most heart-touching conversations we ever had on Jaipur Women Blog. God bless them. To make the day memorable forever, Andraab gifted two silk scarves to the lovable ladies.

Did you find this conversation warm? Write to us!


Photography credits – Mr. Vinod Singh Gusain

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