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Apeksha Bagchi

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Seven Public Figures Come Together To Talk About The Taboo Of Mental Health

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  •  October 11, 2017


“Only the unsuccessful are hogged by mental health issues.” “It is a depressing profession that spurs on such problems.” Striking these warped facts into face and raising mental health awareness, a scintillating conversation with popular public figures such as comedian Tanmay Bhat and Humans of Bombay founder, Karishma Mehta, took place.

While a mere sneeze instigates the people around us to give suggestions ranging from seeing a doctor to taking precautions, the same courtesy isn’t extended when the individual dares to admit that he/she suffers from a mental health disorder. One can easily deduce what would follow if the topic of therapy is raised at such times.

Organized by Trijog, a platform for 360-degree Mental Health and Wellness, in partnership with Schbang Digital Solutions, ‘The Conversation’ showcases renowned clinical psychologist, Anureet Sethi, conducting sessions with seven renowned personalities from different careers and backgrounds.

Mental Health

Mental Health


With the aim of breaking the aura of hesitation and stigma around seeking therapy, the seven individuals share their life instances, their thoughts, their aspirations and their fears.

Mental Health

They reveal how therapy cleared their thoughts and allowed them to make sound decisions devoid of self-doubt.

Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental health matters and it’s high time we accept it. Here is hoping that the film encourages you to do the same. 

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