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Ayushi Agarwal

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Serial Minor Rapist’s Mercy Plea Rejected By Pranab Mukherjee

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  •  November 3, 2015


Mohan Anna Chavan, a resident of Kolhapur, first raped a minor girl back in 1989. He was convicted and punished to serve 2 years in jail, but unfortunately, got out on bail. Immediately after his bail, he raped an innocent 9 year old girl, for which he was sentenced to 10 years’ of severe jail time.

He completed his term in 1999. and you’d think that he would have learnt his lesson. But, NO! He was persistent to get more of a young virgin’s flesh and dignity. He returned home as a monstrous criminal, waiting to commit even more heinous crimes. He raped and brutally killed two minor girls of ages 5 and 10.

Chavan got into an argument with the girl’s cousin and swore to settle the issue on the same day itself. He took the girls to a remote place, by luring them under the pretext of buying them chocolates, and subsequently raped them. He threw one of the bodies in a well, and hid the other one in a bush.

When the two girls didn’t return home, angry villagers nabbed Chavan since the girls were last seen with him. Soon, he was handed over to the police and he was convicted on the basis of strong circumstantial evidence. Chavan is married, and has a daughter too.

The court has labeled his case as “rarest of rare”, and awarded him with the death penalty.

On 5th October, his mercy plea to President  Pranab Mukherjee was met with a rejection and arrangements will be made for the ‘Hanging’ ceremony.

“Chavan has already exhausted all possible legal remedies and we expect to get the date for his execution soon,” said a senior officer from the prison department.

Forensic report confirmed that the clothes of Chavan were stained with blood Group A, which is the blood group of both the victims.

Did we need to wait for the two girls to be raped and murdered by Chavan, to award him a death penalty? Were the first two crimes not serious enough for the court? ‘Rape‘ needs to taken a lot more seriously by the Government, and so should the penalties for the rapists.

In Saudi Arabia, the arms of a rapist are chopped off after the first crime. Just Sayin’!

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