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Seedling Public School Sends Peace To Kashmir Through JWB’s Birds

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  •  October 14, 2016


Do you remember the first Harry Potter film? Then you also clearly remember why Mr. Dursley loves Sundays, because NO MAIL on Sunday!

Poor Mr. Dursley is going to get flooded again. JWB is sending out its owls to Kashmir with letters of love. And just like Professor Dumbledore, JWB has been trying to get a message through.

We think that since the free flowing love has no boundaries, we’ve been getting it across to Kashmir with our campaign #SunnZaraKashmir.14

Our campaign had began with the students of The Palace School, and we were now taking it forward by adding Seedling Public School for the beautiful cause.

For the people of Kashmir, the ceasefire is a monotony. Violence is very common. JWB realized that the one thing they needed the most was missing from their environment: Love.5

In their Kashmina collectionJewels Of Jaipur showed Kashmir as a treasure and offered to take their initiative further.14

Well, one stack of postcards have already been sent to Kashmir, it was time to share some more love!

The students of Seedling Public School were well aware of the situation in Kashmir and wrote some really inspiring letters to people they didn’t even know! Isn’t that beautiful? Have a look at some of the beautiful letters:

My Dear Kashmir, you also need love and care but in your heart, we are here with you, and the love we are sending you can become your strength!8

I love you so much Kashmir! You’re my favorite place in the world. I just want to remind you that I’ll come and heal you very soon

We will fight together! We are always there for each other in the hard times. Whatever the situation maybe, we will not let you feel terrified. Only love belongs to the land of Kashmir. Your happiness is the crown of our country.18

Imagine waking up one morning only to realize you have a lot of love waiting at your doorstep. The most beautiful dream come true, isn’t it?

Respect for diversity is the key to World Peace. Let’s all join our hands and send a shout out to Kashmir using the trending hashtag #SunnZaraKashmir, reminding them that we absolutely love them.

Photo Courtesy: Chaveesh Nokhwal

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