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See What Hollywood’s Demi Lovato Has To Say About ‘Mental Illness’

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  •  October 14, 2015


Singer & actress Demi Lovato has always been vocal about ‘Mental Illness’.
She recently told The Huffington Post, “We need better mental health care in America. We need more reform. It’s very important that gets done so our communities and our country can grow and thrive. There’s such torment with these issues, which I’ve personally dealt with as well.”

Talking about her own experience, she said, “I can tell my story a lot, but it can sometimes be a little negative and it reminds me of how difficult it was. The more mental health is discussed in the mainstream, the more likely it’ll be accepted.”5616b3cb1400002a00c797d7


That’s true. Depression is a difficult and daily struggle. It takes hard work to beat it but there is a natural way forward that can be used with medication. Accept your condition and find ways to fight it. Don’t consider it as a stigma or think people will stop talking to you once you open up.

As Demi suggests, “I think the taboo around mental illness will get to a better place because the conversation is becoming more common, even in the media. People are starting to pay attention. It’s important that the stigma is taken away so people can feel like they can be vocal about it. That’s where the change is going to start. If I have the scarce urge to engage in self-destructive behavior — because unfortunately I will deal with this for the rest of my life — I talk to people. The most important thing is to speak up for yourself. You can live well with a mental illness. It may take time, but it’s worth it. You deserve to live a happy and healthy life.”

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