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See How These Jaipur Moms Showed Off Their Adorable Necklaces

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  •  May 10, 2016


When I read about Jewel Saga’s Momma’s Necklace contest, I literally pleaded my mom to get a photo clicked with me embracing her.

When she refused, I turned on my khuraafati dimag, and Woohoooo!!!

I came up with this perfect plan. Why not explore the today’s Gen mom and kids relationship and capture their ‘Jewel’ moments? After all, children’s arms wrapped around a mother’s neck is every mother’s statement neckpiece!

And, the results were priceless.

Without much ado, let’s get started!

Supermom Suruchi – Superkids Yajvin & Kashvi

Suruchi welcomed us with a charming smile and the refreshing Kairi Paana, while Kashvi entered and sat quietly, observing us. As we started talking, I inquired about Yajvin, and Suruchi said,

“Oh, he must be busy with his gadgets. Let me call him.”

He came, shyly shook hands, said hello, and quickly sat behind her mom.

Me: So, Yajvin and Kashvi, what day was it on Sunday?

Kashvi raised her hand and said, “Mother’s day!” and Yajvin just nodded.

Me: So, tell me what first thing you do after coming from school?

Kashvi: I give her a tight hug.


Suruchi and Yajvin

Yajvin chose to answer by showing us.

Suruchi: He’s very caring and loving. It’s his favourite thing to do. He hugs me in the morning, before going to school, after coming from school, and before sleeping.


Kashvi: Mumma, I also hug you.

And, they both gave a warm squeeze to their mumma.


Suruchi and Kashvi

The most treasured jewel of a mother is her child’s embrace! Agree?

Adorable, aren’t they?

So, I had also planned a fun Q&A round.

Me: Kashvi, this one is for you. What is that one jewellery piece that you would like to steal from your mom?

Kashvi: She has one pearl necklace which I love.


Suruchi and Kashvi

Me: Your mummy resembles which gemstone?

Kashvi: Diamond

Yajvin (interrupts): That green one, *thinks* Emerald, because she always shines.


Me: Moms always keep their jewellery in a safe and only wears them occasionally, agree?

(They both nodded) So, what is one other thing that she should do more often and not keep it only for special occasions?

Yajvin: She should bake more often, especially, cheesecakes.

Kashvi: Exactly, she doesn’t make cheesecakes too often. I would say she should make them every day.

And Yajvin told us a long list of cheesecakes he wants her mom to cook.

Me: Okay okay. Now it’s mummy’s turn. Children are the most beautiful adornments of their parents. Like you wear your jewellery everywhere, do you take your children everywhere you go?

Suruchi: Well, I don’t go to any place where kids are not allowed. I take them everywhere I  go so they get the exposure which helps in their learning of the surroundings and people. In fact, I accompany them to their activities too. I am re-living my childhood with them. When Kashvi started learning ballet dance, I also joined Zumba. So, it’s as I am learning with them.


Suruchi, Kashvi, and Yajvin

Me: A Woman loves to flaunt two things – her jewellery and her children’s accomplishments. Tell us about the one thing that you like to flaunt about Kashvi and Yajvin.

Suruchi (laughs): Kashvi’s a great dancer and singer. And, Yajvin takes away all the attention with his innocent smile.

After relishing the Kairi Panna and watching Yajvin enact Charlie from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, we said our goodbyes and reached our next destination.

Supermom Prachi Sethia – Superkids Riddhi & Divisha

This time, we were greeted by the 7-year-old Riddhi.

“You can come inside and sit. I have to finish my milk and Divisha is getting ready.”


And with that, she went on to finish her milk.

Divisha came dancing and jumping.


I asked,

“Hi, how old are you?

“I am 5 years old, and she is 7 years old,” she replied.

I asked about their mother.

Divisha took her fingers on her lips and made some gesture.

Riddhi explained,

“She is just coming in 5 minutes. She is getting ready.”

“Oh, she is putting lipstick, Divisha?”

She nodded, and we started talking about, well, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

In those 10 minutes, we three talked about fashion, food, holidays, families, etc.



Did I tell you, Divisha and I share our birthdays? Yay! Instant BFF’s.

As soon as Prachi came,

Divisha said,

“Let’s start, jaldi.”

So, jaldi se, I commenced the rapid fire round.

Me: Your daughters are lovely. If you had to compare them with a gemstone, which one would it be?

Prachi: They are my Kohinoor. They are just-one-of-their-kind, and they are mine.

Oh, isn’t that the sweetest thing?


Riddhi, Prachi, Divisha

Me: The jewellery needs time-to-time polishing. Likewise, children also need to be guided and polished. What is your way of upbringing your girls?

Prachi: Like the diamond has many facets, I want to polish my girls in all aspects of their lives. I don’t want to limit them to only one field. I take them to my workplace also, so that they can see and learn.

Me: Wow, great thought. On the upbringing only, how much space should be given to your children and where do you think it’s necessary to intervene?

Prachi: I believe in the saying, ‘jad ko mazboot banao.” I want to make their foundation strong. In my view, every child should be given liberty to decide for themselves and as parents, we should support them and of course, guide them whenever required.

Me: True! So, Divisha and Riddhi, tell me one thing your mom should do more often.


Riddhi and Prachi

Riddhi: She should study more.

Seeing my confusion, Prachi explained,

“I am pursuing English Hons., so that’s why maybe, she is saying.” *laughs*


Divisha: She should take us to shopping more often. *looks at Prachi* Mumma, today you are taking us na?


Riddhi, Prachi, Divisha


After they had wrapped their tender hands around their mommy dearest, just like those delicate necklaces by Jewels Saga, I said,

“Give me a goodbye hug, please?”

And, they came running towards me and hugged me tightly as I also wanted to experience the feel of the best jewellery in the world.

Now, I love kids more!

Supermom Jaya Modi – Superkids Aditya and Vivaan

As soon as we entered Jaya’s home, she declared,

“Aditya and Vivaan are too shy. They take some time to open up.”

I said,

“I am great with kids, don’t worry.” *modest me*

So, to make them comfortable, I said,

“Let’s take your mom’s exam, shall we?”

They coyly nodded.


Vivaan, Jaya, and Aditya

Me: We carry off jewellery everywhere, be it parties, family functions, work, and other places. So, where do you think we should take kids along and where we shouldn’t?

Jaya: It is important for kids to be a part of everything we do. So we take them everywhere with us. We plan holidays, picnics, sports activities together so that we can spend as much time possible. I think it’s very important to live in the moment and to involve your children in it. My younger one, Aditya, has a fancy for cooking. So, we even cook together.

Me: That’s awesome. What is your upbringing policy?

Jaya: I feel every kid is a diamond. Initially, a diamond is just a rough stone. We, the parents, are the diamond cutters who polish them. We need to be their role models.  Rather than giving them a too comfortable life or the best brands, updated gadgets, etc., it’s important as mothers to give them our time, values and morals. We should focus on giving them a healthy and happy environment.


Vivaan, Jaya, Aditya

Me: How important is it to give your children the freedom of choice?

Jaya: To raise happy children, we need first to discipline and polish ourselves on a daily basis. Every child is unique so, over disciplining doesn’t help all the time. We give them the freedom to choose in everything, but, if we think our intervention is necessary to show the right path, we should not hold back then. I feel, communication with the children is the key.

Me: I agree. So, Vivaan and Aditya ready?

They just looked at each other.

Me: It’s an easy one. Which jewellery looks best on your mom?

Aditya: Her smile

This was the ultimate “awww” moment.

Me: What do you think your mom should do more often?

Aditya: She should take me to Shopper’s Paradise more.

Jaya: He has constantly been telling me to take him for food shopping. He wants to make peanut bars with me. So that’s why.

So cute!

Vivaan: She should send us to more birthday parties.

Later, I said,

“Show me how you hug your mom.”


Vivaan and Jaya

Aditya said,

“Wait, be right back.”

And, he brought a plateful of Marie biscuit cake and muffins made by all of them.

As I gorged on the yummilicious muffins and the cake, Sanchit managed to capture some precious moments.


Aditya and Jaya

Indeed! A mother’s most shining piece of the necklace is her child’s arms.

P.S.- The winner of the Momma’s Necklace contest has been announced. You can meet her here.

Sanchit Sethi

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