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See How Moroccan Lawyers Support 2 Women Accused Of Wearing Tight Dresses

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  •  July 10, 2015

After 2 Moroccan women accused of “gross indecency” for wearing dresses were arrested, many lawyers registered themselves in the court to defend them.

The arrest happened in mid-June after they were found roaming in a market wearing dresses. This sparked anger among passers-by in the conservative Muslim kingdom.

These 2 young women are hairdressers aged 23 and 19, who now may be charged with up to two years in prison. In the police report, the women were said to have been wearing clothes that were “too tight”.

Out of 500 lawyers who have registered to support the women believe that the trial is a “chance for our country to amend its laws to conform with its commitments to human rights and especially individual freedoms.”

Let’s hope the women come out of this mess at the earliest and the definition of morality alters a bit in Morocco.

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