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See How Ali Jardine Creates Magical Pictures With The Help Of Her Children And An iPhone

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  •  October 12, 2015


Apple and Android wars can come to an end now. For those of you think Apple is waste of money, wait until you see the scenes a mother captured using her iPhone. Her children are the objects for her picture, and each captured moment speaks louder than words. She uses editing apps to make the images breathtaking.

“My kids, Gabe and Pippin, are usually the subjects of my images, which make them very personal,” Ali Jardine wrote in a blog post a few weeks ago. “I like to tell a story, reminiscent of fairy tales, with both light and darkness present. I share these images on my Instagram channel to over 500,000 people every day. ”

What a wonderful way to introduce kids to art!

Here are a few pictures of the magic she creates.

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