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See What Farhan Akhtar Said During Twitter-session #AskFarhan On Gender Equality

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  •  March 14, 2015

Do you know our very own Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar is the UN Ambassador for the #HeForShe campaign? Apart from his busy Bollywood career, he is giving best shots for the betterment of our society. He is also the man behind the campaign MARD (Men Against Rape & Discrimintaion).

Look at his powerful answers from a recent Twitter chat with fans where they asked him questions with hashtag #AskFarhan:

  1. When he spoke against patriarchy.farhan-1
  2. When he told us social class & crime has nothing to do with each other.farhan-2
  3. When he spoke of the main reason why he chose to be the UN women ambassador for #HeForShe.farhan-3
  4. When he explained the only crucial way to attain gender equality.farhan-4
  5. When he suggested how women should dress up.farhan-5
  6. When he didn’t forget to tickle our funny bone during serious conversation.farhan-6
  7. When he gave our govt. a piece of mind.farhan-7
  8. When he gave the society a piece of mind. farhan-8
  9. When he said that gender inequality is a global problem.farhan-9
  10. When he spoke how music can help spread the message.farhan-10

There are no reasons to not like this man. Sigh.

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