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Minal Khatri

IWB Blogger

‘Save The Boy Child’ Video Aptly Defines The Need To Save Girls From Sexual Abuse

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  •  April 19, 2017


Do you remember the video, ‘Ladke Rote Nahi Hain’ that came with a powerful message that we need to change the mentality of our boys to have a safe world for our girls?

This time again we have a strong ‘boy-centered’ video that is completely dedicated to the girls. FCB Ulka (Finally Change Begins), a Delhi-based advertising agency has made the video ‘Save The Boy Child’ that talks about the mental revolution we need to bring about in our boys.

The video features 4 small boys who are pleading their fathers to save them from becoming rapists, wife beaters, stalkers, molesters, chauvinists, misogynists, and perverts. They are calling for a fundamental change at home. They see that the change comes from the treatment, male members give to women. The four small boys express their desire to learn correct values so that women are saved from harassment and sexual abuse.



Indeed, no change can ever come by just preaching and lecturing someone. The need of the hour is a compassionate dialogue and courageous actions towards the inclusivity and equality.

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