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Sanjoli Bajaj Shares Her Secret Diwali Cleaning Hacks To Avoid A Broken Back!

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  •  November 4, 2015


With Diwali around the corner, everyone is gearing up to welcome their guests they otherwise see once in a blue moon. Diwali assures annual elaborate cleansing of those home corners that are usually left untouched.

With a high messed up bun, and the oldest shorts and t-shirts, we dig inside the dirt that we never knew our homes were encumbered with.

Twenty-four-year-old Sanjoli Bajaj who juggles work and home every day, gives JWB a few tips on how she cleans her home this Diwali. When we met her, she had already gotten most of her home cleaned, the rooms were done, the kitchen came first, and we seated ourselves in her as-good-as-new drawing room.

Check out some of her interesting cleaning hacks!

JWB – So Sanjoli, these hacks you’re about to share with us, where did you get them from?

Sanjoli – Some from the internet, others I learnt over time.


JWB – Interesting. So tell us, how do you begin with the cleaning?

Sanjoli – I begin in fragments. But my first focus is always the kitchen. Let’s begin with the oven. Grab some ammonia from a local store. We should put a pot of water to boil on the stove on one side, and pre-heat the oven to 150 degrees F. Once that’s done, take a baking dish and pour one cup of ammonia into it. Place it in the top rack of your oven, and the boiling pot in the bottom rack. Close the door and leave it overnight.

In the morning, take it all out, remove the racks, and leave the door open for a few minutes. Add a spoon or two of liquid dish cleanser, some warm water (to your ammonia) and use a scrubber to begin. You could also add some baking soda if you like. PUT ON SOME GLOVES! And clean the oven. It will be as-good-as-new.


To clean glassware, scrub them with a rolled up ball of aluminum foil with a little dish soap. Cleaning faucets with lemon is the oldest trick in the book.


If your refrigerator smells of broken eggs, shove in a couple of newspapers in the fridge and the smell will go away.

To clean cabinets, mix baking soda with vegetable oil, and scrub the doors with a toothbrush, insides with a scotch-brite. Being organized is very important. Your house can be clean inside out but it will never look beautiful if it isn’t well organized.

Pick one room a day so that you’re not compromising with your health, it can get very stressful to clean the entire house. After kitchen, I cleaned bedrooms. Shelves are easy to clean with a moist cloth, if you have coffee stains on your side tables, they are a breeze to clean with baking soda.


Okay probably everyone knows this. You can clean your shower-heads by putting plastic bags filled with vinegar around them. Leave it like that for an hour, and you’re sorted.

Cleaning fans wasn’t easy, so I hooked up an old pillowcase over one fan blade at a time, and when we swipe it backwards, voila! Disgusting dust gone inside the pillowcase!

Let’s get to the drawing room, I cleaned my sofa by spraying it with rubbing alcohol and then softly scrubbing it with a clean sponge. Really, I don’t even understand why people would want to pay 5k for dry cleaning it when it can be done at home.


I scrubbed my floors with phenyl, a few drops of kerosene oil and some surf. My home smells amazing, looks amazing, and shines more than I had expected it to.

Thank you, Sanjoli! I think I’m going to go home and try these out.

*Rubs hands like a mosquito planning a murder.*

Photo courtesy – Nupur Agarwal

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