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Sanjana Singh Becomes The First Transgender To Be Appointed As Officer In Madhya Pradesh Govt.

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  •  March 15, 2019


Appointed as the personal secretary to the director of the state’s Department of Social Justice and Disabled Welfare (DSJDW), Sanjana Singh has become the first transgender officer in the Madhya Pradesh government. She is known for her social work and is also the first transgender para-legal volunteer of MP’s District Legal Services Tribunal. She was also a nominated member of the Lok Adalat of the tribunal.

Abandoned by her parents for being a transgender, she was also deserted by the transgender community as she denied to beg for money during celebrations and festivals.

“I never liked that task and kept resisting. As a result, the transgender community abandoned me,” she said. Then she joined an NGO, became a social worker and has been  working on child and women health issues since 2008.

“If the reservation can be provided to others, then why not to us? There is a need to spread awareness in the society about transgender people. If the society does not accept us, we will not be able to break our barriers.” she said. “If the society does not accept us, we will not be able to break our barriers.”

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