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Samesh Chhabra Is A Boss Every Woman Wants For Her Husband

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  •  May 11, 2015


Don’t raise eyebrows when we feature men on our blog. Our idea is to promote one thinking that is not limited to genders – a feeling of equality among all. Sometimes women narrate us their empowering stories – and sometimes, men tell us about their support towards such women.

Today Mr. Samesh Chhabra, a Jaipur based businessman, will share how he has been supporting the principle of ‘Gender Equality’.


Samesh is a boss every woman wishes for her husband. He practices a wonderful work philosophy that even the best of MNCs in our country are not following. To support and promote the brilliant idea of ‘working-mothers’, Samesh allows his male employees to bring their kids to office. Isn’t it wonderful? The 49 yr old believes in sharing the responsibilities, and therefore, encourages his male employees to support their respective working wives by taking care of their kid(s).


Let us know more about Samesh who describes himself like this: ‘I might look tough from outside; however, I am not like that at all’.

Role as an ‘Employer’

Few months back I noticed one of my female employees having a hard time deciding whether to go home and take care of the kid who had come back home early, or carry on with her work duties. Soon after that I figured out the male staff whose wives work, and told them to bring their kids to the store when their wives can’t look after them.


Mr. Samesh with his male employees

Since then, it has become a ritual. A middle-aged male employee has got 2 daughters, and it feels good when the little girls are around. Another one has a small son who loves to hop around the showroom. I, including the staff, am habitual of such working environment now.

Role as a ‘Husband’




Role as a ‘Father’


Today when they are all grown up, I can sense the strong emotional quotient in them.

Indian society


I am happy supporting my wife in other chores like house maintenance, etc. I can do very good flower arrangement, table, etc. Trust me, doing this is a lot of help to wives.


Message for other men

A child needs both the parents. In order to become a good parent, make yourself a dedicated parent first. Stand up and take responsibility. As a man, tell your wife what areas of the home front you are going to manage from today.


We enjoyed the conversation with Mr. Samesh, and you?

Photographer: Shashank K Tyagi

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