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Saint Hoax’s New Project – #‎BloodyPrincess

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  •  July 25, 2015

Saint Hoax is one of our favorite artists. Inspired with the social issues, pop culture and politics, he makes sure to bring up important topics in limelight using (mostly) Disney Princesses, political cartoons, etc.

In the past, the artist has spoken about child abuse, body shaming, homosexuality, rape and other social issues. This time around, he speaks of the shame women AND men hold in the natural process of menstruation.

The pictures show our favorite Disney Princesses with a stain of blood on their clothes while on a date with their beloved. Describing the story behind the pictures, the artist writes:11745921_1659848100893239_7390049648012345994_n

A (girl) friend of mine went on a date 2 weeks ago. Halfway through dinner, she had a period leak that left a bloodstain on her skirt. Her date didn’t handle the situation well; she could tell he was uncomfortable. As the night came to an end, he said he would call her the next day… After not hearing back from him, she was convinced he was revolted by the accident. She sent him an apologetic text message. He replied, “How can I date a girl who doesn’t know what a Tampon is?” These blooded Disney princesses are my reaction to her story. There’s a lot of ignorance and shame surrounding this subject. The fact that she felt the need to apologize for something so natural is more appalling than a period stain. Girls get their period once a month. Sometimes it gets messy. Get over it. ‪#‎BloodyPrincess

Derivation no. 1: Not all men are comfortable talking about (and seeing) periods. They think it’s a shame.

Derivation no. 2: Sadly most of the women think it’s a shame too and are apologetic about it.

Saint Hoax told The Huffington Post, “Disney princesses are perceived as perfect females. Portraying them with period stains implies that could happen to any female and it’s a natural process.” 

Accept it, people. Periods are natural and there is no need to hide them. It’s a sign that the woman is healthy enough to become a mother. It’s NOT a disease.

He further says, “As a guy, I never had a problem understanding menstrual cycles because I was surrounded by girls and women in my family. My mother explained to me early on how a period works and that there is nothing shameful or appalling about it. That kind of awareness is what people are lacking. Parents assume that just because they have a son he doesn’t need to learn about periods. Girls should never be apologetic about this, it’s completely natural. Would anyone apologize for a nosebleed?”

Well he makes sense.11781735_1659847897559926_4774830119516039829_n

Saint Hoax’s Facebook page – here.

Saint Hoax’s Instagram page – here.

Saint Hoax’s website – here.

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