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Runaway Bride is so passé

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  •  February 10, 2015


And earlier today we watched this new short film by Dior featuring the gorgeous Natalie Portman. It is named – ‘It’s Miss, Actually’. So they show a bride Natalie all set to walk down the aisle but then all of a sudden, she decides to run away. She runs away throwing off her bridal heels and pulling off her beautiful wedding  gown – far far from the wedding venue. Maybe in a quest to find her inner self – may be to set herself free. Uh oh…what we saw next disappointed us. Natalie then gets into a helicopter and kisses her boyfriend!!!! What???

Dior is a brand that defines a very strong segment of women in society and with a message like this where a woman is (still) running after a man (in an era where feminism is at its core) doesn’t go well with the brand. Come on Dior, you can do better.

This Valentine’s Day, determine to not make a MAN the reason behind your decision. Don’t let someone drive your decisions, rather let the reasons be your dreams leading you to a new destination. The Bollywood bride running from the Mandap for another man is so passé and you don’t want to be one of them, do you?

Happy Valentine’s Day, girl xoxo

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