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Apeksha Bagchi

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Run By Women, Darjeeling Express Kitchen In London Is Providing Education To Daughters In India

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  •  May 14, 2018

The taste of our homeland- a homesickness that many people live with while living away from the place they grew up in, is something which Asma Khan also went through. A Kolkata native, Khan found it hard to survive while working on her Ph.D. in Constitutional Law in London. Nothing could replicate the taste of the rich cuisine she left behind in her country.

So, she invited the Indian girls working as nannies to her children’s classmates for some company and revive the taste of her homeland and by 2012, decided to pursue cooking full time. She started a supper club (the launchpad for her restaurant Darjeeling Express in Kingly Court) from her home which had all the Mughlai dishes of her childhood.

But something was still missing, something that would make her dream all the more worthwhile. It was then that she set up The Second Daughters Charity to help the second daughters in Indian households where the birth of another female child after the first is a matter of despair. So, of the profits from the restaurant, some percentage goes towards funding the education of the second daughter in families living in Kurseong – a small town in Darjeeling.

Through the restaurant, which is managed by women i.e., housewives, ‘second daughters’ and women who had come to her for legal advice, Asma is helping them to be financially independent. “Doors have not just to be opened, but held open, and people helped through,” she said.

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