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Ruchika Beri, The Coolest Tarot Card Reader, Predicts Sensational Future Of JWB Girls

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  •  October 8, 2015


I remember as a little girl I used to think how cool it would be to know future. We’ve all visited palm readers, kundli readers and tarot card readers. Haven’t we? So last Saturday, this was our activity! We visited a Tarot Card Reader.

Needless to say, we expected a woman with long, humungous curly hair, maybe jewelled up with beads, an old lady with smoky eyes and nail paint blacker than the black sky. We, as a cluster, walked towards her house, hoping to see a dark room with a crystal ball in the centre.

When she greeted us, Ruchika Beri, I can’t say we weren’t surprised. A charming young girl in her twenties escorted us inside her house where we were served with cold coffee, juices, munchies and dry fruits by her warm and welcoming family. We began chit chatting while chomping up snacks.


Ruchika who also contributes to the Joy of Giving Week every year then began her conversation with us.

Team JWB – How did it all begin, Ruchika? How did you find yourself interested in Tarot Reading?

Ruchika Beri – Well, I was taking a stroll in a flea market of Bombay when I came across a woman who did tarot reading, she’s now my guru. I pursued and pestered her for a month until she finally agreed to teach me. She was probably unsure about my dedication. But once I got the idea in my head, it refused to go out and I was very serious.


Team JWB – Since how long have you been practicing it?

Ruchika Beri – It’s been four and a half years now. I learnt it in Bombay. Now I do it remotely for my clients in Bombay. In fact, there was a person from Italy who contacted me via twitter. It was such a pleasure to do the reading for her!

She continued after a tiny chuckle.

Ruchika Beri – When my guru started teaching me, I used to practice six to eight hours every weekend. The duration was about a month and a half. Then she would test me when her friends would come over to her house, she’d call me and make me do the reading for them. At first, when I used to make mistakes she explained what I was doing wrong, and slowly I started to get the hang of it. In fact, she taught me a lot more except just tarot card reading.


Team JWB – So Tarot Reading is your passion? Is it a full-time thing?

Ruchika Beri – Of course, but I’m also a digital marketing person. I’ve worked in Bombay in that field. I do freelance content writing. But yeah, I’d like to focus more on tarot reading.

Ruchika moved back from Bombay a couple of months ago and has already built a strong client base here.

Team JWB – How do you tell your clients if there’s something negative to tell?

Ruchika Beri – I usually tell them their future, the hurdles in the way and the ways to deal with it. I have a few friends who get it done from me every month. Somewhat like an annual reading! I do it for them.


Team JWB – Our avid readers and we would like to get in touch with you. Tell them about your services and charges.

Ruchika Beri – Well, I charge question-wise via email. And for a special reading or one to one, it’s Rs. 1000. I set aside ample time for my clients. For annual reading, I charge Rs. 2500. So for example, if you ask me a question via email, I usually respond within 48 hours, and if it’s urgent, I do it within an hour. Then there are group concessions as well. Because you know, at the end of the day, it’s all about personal satisfaction.

Team JWB – We’ve heard you’re a charity person?

Ruchika Beri – Have you heard of the Joy of Giving Week? In this week people majorly focus on giving to the less fortunate. Last year we gave 200-300 vada paos to orphan children. In charity, we don’t know if it goes to the right person. So we like to do something personally for the children. The funds that I raise go for the cause of child abuse.


Team JWB – Okay, so tell us. Do your clients hesitate to tell you their problems?

Ruchika Beri – Well yes, first timers do. So that’s when new clients come in. I first pick a random card and predict their upcoming month’s future. I do some friendly talk, make sure they are comfortable. You know, they come with a perspective of guidance and I don’t want to disappoint anyone. They open up but also, sometimes it goes over the top.

Team JWB (chuckling) – Do you ever use the power for yourself?

Ruchika Beri – Only in like, very major scenarios. I feel happier when I do it for someone else.

Team JWB – Ever got asked weird questions?

Ruchika Beri – Of course! You know how there are people who don’t believe you and then they will test you if you’re speaking the truth or not? So there was a guy who once asked me, “how much money do I have in my pocket?” Well, I just wanted to say, don’t you know how much money you have in your pocket? *Laughs*


Team JWB – How does it work? Do we ask you a question or do you predict?

Ruchika Beri – It actually works both ways and depends on the person. Every time the question is different and the card also. So there are different tarot spreads. Three cards are picked for past, present and future. So yeah, it purely depends on the question. See tarot reading is a concept where you shouldn’t get dependent, otherwise, you’re always just dependent on knowing beforehand how things are going to go. And at the end of the day, you’re the driver, steer wherever you wish to.

Team JWB – Wow! Brilliant, okay now what do you say you tell us our future?

Ruchika Beri – Okay! Let’s do it!

Ruchika escorted us to her room and placed her deck by her side. Before we began, her amazing mother brought us another round of drinks and snacks. We were nervous, and some of us unsure of what questions to ask!


JWB’s Shivani with her aching tooth asked her first question. Honestly, we thought she’d ask when the pain would end! On telling Ruchika that Shivani plans to move to Mumbai soon, Ruchika blurted, “Please take me with you!”

“I’d love to, and you can keep telling me my future, then,” Shivani said.

She bit her nails, shot her questions, and sat back relaxed.


Next up was ME! And no, guys, I’m not telling you the questions I asked, but yeah, she guessed that I was a Taurus, so that’s pretty cool. But yes my career was the prime concern! She said I have a bright future looking up, I felt myself practically jumping.

We talked about careers, love life, marriage and everything we could think of.


Our blogger-in-chief, Lavanya went next. She had her own questions. Shhh! She wanted to know when she would get married?!

We all curiously stared at Ruchika cupping our chins with our palms.

“Very soon,” she announced.


After hearing our prophecies, Priyanka had turned blank and run out of questions to ask. But she managed to catch her breath before it was time.

Priyanka was told that she has a bright future in Advertising!


Last up was our photographer, Pallav Bhargava who was happy just hearing his October prediction. And believe me, his October was picture perfect! Ruchika joked and called her the “Kishan Kanhaiya” of the JWB troop.


Thanks Ruchika for answering our ridiculous questions! We had a great time! And If you want to learn more about her, go check out her website!

Photo Credit – Pallav Bhargava

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