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Ruby Khan’s Second Ramadan Diary

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  •  July 17, 2015

We are now in the midst of the most beautiful month, Ramadan, a month of Allah’s love, mercy and salvation. The 2nd “Ashra” of Ramadan for forgiveness has passed. The daily lifecycle of every Muslim in the entire world changes simultaneously for this one month. Long Ibadat from breakfast, lunch, dinner to Suhoor (Sehri)-Sawm (Roza)-Iftar amidst recital of Quran and five mandatory Salaats of Fajr (morning), Zuhr (afternoon), Asr (late afternoon), Magrib (Evening), Isha (late evening); life gets polished and emerges beautiful.

For me, it is a month when we do not engage in “doing” but rather “undoing”. We untie the knots of anger, hatred, envy, lust and unchain ourselves from every fetter that binds us by prioritizing Body over Soul.

I am trying my level best to keep up with my daily schedule of work and home along with Roza. Humans break rules and rituals. Nobody can make out if you are fasting until you do not tell them, nor anyone can judge if you are eating in between. As Prophet Muhammad (May peace be on him) says,

“Fasting is Trust, let each, therefore take good care of his/her trust”.

At that, I also want to add these lines:

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for,

The Evidence of things not seen,

Blessed are those; who have seen

But yet believe….”

The sole reason why I am fasting despite hunger, thirst is my desire to tell Allah that – ‘I love you, I really want to be in your shade, I want you to carry me, my family, my loved ones on your shoulders when the going gets tough.’


I want to tell Allah that – ‘I am sorry for my undesirable deeds, for hurting my elders, my youngers and anyone known or unknown…that I want to be a better person not only during this Holy month of Ramadan but throughout my life.’

I want to ask my Allah for his Forgiveness because forgiveness lightens your burdens of guilt, it frees your soul from the shackles of shame and the tears of remorse. It surrounds you with energy so positive that you can feel the divine presence in and around yourself.

I feel incomplete if I have some free time and I do not recite my Quran in it. I am reading it, simultaneously understanding its meaning. Quran is my answer to every difficulty me and my family face. I make sure to recite it atleast once during Ramadan.

Abu Huraira (R) quotes Prophet Muhammad (May peace be on him): “For your wealth Zakaat is a part of it for your underprivileged brother and sisters but Zakaat for body is Fasting.”

Allah has made Fasting in Ramadan Mandatory but has eased the stress for those who are sick, menstruating, pregnant and lactating (women), long distance travellers, and all those who really can’t keep Roja. In such case, they can skip fasting but have to feed one hungry person as a humane penalty. They must offer regular Namaaz, give Zakaat (Alms) and have to strictly adhere to other etiquettes of the month thereby restraining their thoughts, speech and actions from anything inappropriate, damaging, insulting, hurting, violent and indecent.

Ramadan also calls for generosity from every Muslim whom Allah has bestowed with wealth and affluence. During this month, people become more generous. My family too sends fruits and other edibles to the nearby mosques; orphanages, etc. where numerous people, who cannot afford Iftar and dinner, can enjoy it there. This is the beauty of alms or Zakaat (wealth Purifying tax).

The 3rd Ashra of Ramadan has arrived – Ashra of Salvation or deliverance from our sins and their consequences.

Throughout the year we tend to get so caught up in the humdrums of daily lives that, unknowingly, we create a prison around ourselves. Our bodies curl inward, bowing to the illusions of desires. We forget that the world was made for us, not the other way round. And then comes Ramadan to bring us back to the truth and beauty of life.

The truest satisfaction comes when the spirit breaks free from earthly limitations and is able to taste the essence of the divine. This beautiful month also contains one of the most important nights called Lailat-Al-Kadr or the night of Lord’s Power. It is said that this night is more powerful than nights of 1000 months as the revelation of Quran took place on this night and all the prayers of the devotees were answered. We believe, this happens even today.

According to teachings of Prophet Muhammad (May peace be on him), Muslims should seek this night in the odd nights out of the last 10 nights of the Holy month of Ramadan and should spend the whole night in Ibadat, praying for their forgiveness from Allah.

I am trying to search my Lailat-AL- Kadr and have decided to pray the whole night to my Allah for forgiveness, a better future and a happy Eid.

I am so glad Eid is here…a successful completion of this toughest yet most fulfilling month which is teaching me to control my anger, negativism, doubts and is giving my soul freedom from guilt, strength to my inner core and more empathy to my social self. I can feel myself emerging from the furnace of this beautifully blazing Month – Ramadan.

Eid Mubarak.

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