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Ruby Khan Talks ‘Tangerine’ To Her Sons

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  •  April 18, 2015


This dialogue-series is a part of our campaign with Jaipur’s one of its kind beauty parlor – Tangerine, the Boutique Salon. Yesterday, you read about Bhawna Wheaton discussing woman-respect with her 6 yr old son. Today we’re sharing story of the city’s another incredible mommy – Ruby Khan.

In the article below, see Ruby enjoying Tangerine’s elite Mythic Oil/Shampoo Hair-spa while talking to her 2 boys on how to be an ideal son.

Ruby – I want you to meet my sons Moazam and Arsalaan. They are 10 and 7 respectively.

JWB – Hello boys! Have you ever accompanied your mommy to beauty salons?

Moazam – No. We’re already bored._MG_1728

Arsalaan – Mom, will you take us for ice-cream after this?

Ruby – As you can see, they have already started bargaining. (laughs)

JWB – Blame their age!


Tangerine’s Founder Natasha Singh in white shirt.

(Tangerine’s hair-expert begins the treatment. Tangerine’s Owner Natasha Singh has suggested Ruby to go for this particular hair spa to regain the nourishment after seeing the damage her colored hair have undergone)

Moazam – This place is for girls.

Natasha – No, we have haircuts and skin treatments for boys too! Do you want to get a nice hair-do done?

Arsalaan – There are so many hair-clips all over. How can it be for boys?


(left to right) Moazam and Arsalaan

JWB – Then what a men’s salon looks like?

Moazam – They have razors and gels.

Natasha – I will take you on a round to other rooms that are exclusively for boys. Okay? (laughs)_MG_1872

>>Can you see, even this age can differentiate between genders by looking at products and colors<<

Ruby – I don’t take them to beauty salons because I know they will get bored. But I make sure they are familiarized with woman’s beauty and bodily concepts. This might be funny for many, but I ask my boys to pluck off my grey hair. (laughs)_MG_1574

Slowly they will know that their mom’s body is aging – and these are the signs. One day I might be frail with wrinkles, and I want them to accept me in that way too.

JWB – What an amazing mental-exercise it is! Do they have any cousin sisters? Tell us about their relationship with them.

Ruby – They have, and both of them are quite protective about them. They think they are ‘Big Brothers’._MG_1586

Moazam – I play ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ with them.

JWB – Oh god, that’s a brave game. Do you like playing with your sisters?

Moazam – The youngest one is good, she never shouts.

(Everyone laughs)_MG_1662

JWB – And what is the best thing you like about your mom?

Moazam – She never scolds us._MG_1934

Arsalaan – I remember everything she teaches me, and therefore I get good marks in school.

Ruby – I never lose my cool on petty issues. In order to raise a good son, first you’ve to be friends with him._MG_1647

I and my husband have started discussing on how we’re going to make changes in our parenting as Moazam is about to enter his teenage in few years. I firmly believe that there is a certain age when the son needs the father more than his mother. Believe me, there are few things about women that a father can explain in a better way to the son.

Moazam – I love going to long drives with Abba.

Ruby – So that’s a new trend in our home. Moazam knows that he is big (winks) and needs to have manly talks with his daddy. So the two of them go out for long drives and talk. In a way I think it’s for good.

JWB – Is it something to do with boys distancing themselves from girls after a certain age before hitting puberty?

Ruby (laughs) – Moazam, do you hate girls?_MG_1603

Moazam – But I love my small sisters.

Arsalaan – I hate girls.

(Everyone laughs)_MG_1607

>> It is okay if your son or daughter says they hate the opposite gender as they grow up. This happens when they notice how different they look and dress up. But make sure to steadily change this perception by giving real examples of how the two genders prosper in a better way if they stay and work together <<

JWB – You have been very quiet, Arsalaan, until we spoke about girls.

Moazam – Abbu tells me how to handle girl-issues?_MG_1737

JWB – Whoa, what kind of issues?

(Boys whisper something to each other)

Ruby – Team JWB, don’t look at me! Even I don’t know what they’re talking about. (laughs)_MG_1708


Ruby – I guess it is okay to keep young boys away from few things until they reach an age where they understand what we’re trying to make them understand._MG_1807

If I don’t take them to beauty salons, and I don’t discuss every girly thing with them – has a lot to do with their mentality. We’re just waiting for their right age.

At that, talking about what is good and bad like in case of tobacco, etc; this age is the most appropriate. Because the early, the better._MG_1782

JWB – And what else do your mommy and daddy guide you about?

Arsalaan – Tobacco is not a good thing.

Moazam – My grandfather stopped chewing it after we gave him an example of how dangerous it can be._MG_1970

JWB – That’s such a good thing.

JWB – Ruby, can you give some more examples on how mothers can nurture their young sons so that they never think of disrespecting women?

Ruby – To start from home is the best way to nurture the kids. My sons know they can’t enter my room without knocking the door. They ask for my consent. _MG_1912JWB – Wow, your hair look beautiful! Natasha, you’re magical.750
JWB – Boys, do you like mom’s new look?_MG_2036 _MG_2037

JWB – Wonderful!

The kids and mommy really enjoyed the chat-session at Tangerine. And kudos to Ruby for wearing this bold hair color with so much grace.

Call at 0141- 222 3744 to fix your appointment at Tangerine. You can’t miss beauty-expert Natasha’s guidance! _MG_2044Photographer – Shashank K Tyagi

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