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Roopa Chopra Mehta: Your Goal Head-On

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  •  June 7, 2014


Alankrita, it is a beautiful Corporate Guest House with a warm homely ambiance and extremely disciplined staff. Roopa Chopra Mehta is one of the few enterprising women running business of the Corporate Housekeeping and Facility Management. She has a staff of over 500 and clientele ranging from Vodaphone, Aircel, Reliance Life, HDFC, PSI and many others.

Roopa Chopra Indian Business Women

About her Journey:

Roopa credits success to her mother who gave her the freedom to grow and evolve as a witty, chatty and independent woman. Roopa would play badminton while people kept telling her mother to teach Roopa household chores. Her mother taught her to love life and take up its challenges heads on.

That’s why after Roopa’s marriage to Mr. Manu Mehta, an Executive Chef of Luxury Five Star Hotel, she didn’t rest on heels. Instead, she thought of starting her own business. She quickly hired a staff of four and began corporate housekeeping business in Bangalore along with a friend. They used to visit various offices with their idea of providing full staff for its maintenance. People liked the idea but hiring was a different game all together. On the 100th day of their rounds to various offices, their firm got hired by Azim Prem ji’s Wipro followed by GE, Mudra, CT Corp. and many such big names. Since then there is no looking back.

On Finances:

Initially, when the staff was small, Roopa’s husband came to her rescue until the companies’ dues were cleared.  As the business expanded, they used finance options provided by various banks.

Hands-on CEO:

The people who are close to her say she’s hands-on CEO. Roopa provides rigorous training to the newly inducted staff checks every arrangement personally and is constantly in a zest for improvising her work. She feels it is a client orientated business and constant efforts should be made to keep the client company satisfied.

She is more of a friend to her staff and stays with them when needed. Moreover, the employees are absolutely free to contact Roopa regarding any problem, at any time during the day.

IMG-20140607-WA0067_resizedTeething Troubles:

Labour is one of them. When they go on long leaves during the season time, this creates problems. Such things put adverse effect on the service.

Roopa shares: “I did an orientation session with my employees where I made them understand the values of work, time and duty. The results have been quiet encouraging – and my employees have shown significant improvement in their work.”

tn_Roopa 3

More about Roopa:

Roopa is a proud mother of two grown-up kids, Rishab and Shruti. Apart from the successful business, Roopa is also involved in many social activities. She is a founder member of AWE (Association of Women Entrepreneurs), President of Maitri Lions Club and a Rotarian since her youth.

Amazingly, Roopa’s dreamt of living in a beautiful house. Today her taste in interiors and acknowledgement in decor has helped her built a beautiful villa  ‘Alankrita’.

tn_Roopa 4

A message from Roopa:

She says: “We should have an aim, a goal in our lives. And then we should follow it passionately with our hearts. Also, it is very important to be a good human being. Being compassionate for others helps you enjoy your success in double.”

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