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Ritika Kumar’s ‘The Young Chronicle’ Provides Meaningful Content To Kids Of All Ages

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  •  March 13, 2019

In 2009, Ritika Amit Kumar, while completing her MBA at MICA, Ahmedabad, designed a social networking portal called for providing parenting tips for couples living in nuclear setup.

“I had a fair amount of experience in e-learning and had created close to 300 education-based scripts. I also had many colleagues who were grappling with parenting issues. They were all first-generation parents stepping out to work, leaving behind their children at day-cares or with help at home,” shared Ritika.

As a part of the virtual network, she designed The Young Chronicle, a children’s newspaper for students of classes 1, 2, 3, and 4-7 containing news, stories, activities, and interactivity levels suited to different age groups. One thing that Ritika was absolutely clear about was to answer all the questions that children had in their mind without having them to wait until they grew older.

Helping her curate the content for the newspaper is an army of mothers with over 10 years of experience in fields like remote sensing, pharma, finance, and marketing. “Many people from well-known organisations applied. Some of them were on a sabbatical, others had chosen to stay at home with their children, and some had to quit owing to the transferable jobs of their husbands.”

As children of different age groups have different levels of understanding, Ritika and her team analysed content from over 150 books so as to churn out reading material according to their liking. Explaining how the newspaper caters to the needs of different age groups, Ritika shared, “A question asked by a six-year-old and 10-year-old might be similar but how we answer it needs to cater to their levels of understanding. No two children have the same reading level. Understanding this has been the key to our success. Ensuring that the content we create marries the capabilities of the child is very important to us.”

The Young Chronicle is available in two different formats- a physical copy mailed every fortnight and e-version e-mailed each week which is priced at Rs.600 and Rs. 360 respectively.

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