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Richa Lakwal’s Way To Success After Mentoring Walk 2014

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  •  March 6, 2015


“If you walk alone, you go very fast, and when you take others with you, you go very far.”

Global Mentoring Walk was a therapeutic moment for me. As a young woman, I got the opportunity to join this inspiring event and I came there with an open mind and heart. As I treaded along the course, I had a chance to meet and greet some outstanding young folks. The Mentoring Walk is a great opportunity to match young women with experienced mentors. Even within one hour we see relationships blossoming, many mentors and mentees exchanging details to stay in touch and some finding jobs as well. Here, every one leaves the room inspired.

I thank Ms. Archana Surana and the entire team for organizing Global Mentoring Walk every year. This has been the best initiative taken so far by any networking forum for the professional development. We all come across many problems in our daily lives and due to lack of support we start losing courage. We have no answers to certain problems and we let them hamper our life decisions. I also feel that not everyone is lucky enough to get right guidance at the right time due to which we lose opportunities in life.

Jaipur Metro Uniform designed by Arch Academy under supervision of Richa Lakwal

Jaipur Metro Uniform designed by Arch Academy under supervision of Richa Lakwal

After attending mentoring walk my vision has changed. In keeping with the philosophy, “Mentoring is like a candle, one can light many without losing its glow.” I could connect with my mentor at very different level. She shared her own experiences so that I can relate to the concept of ‘struggle’. She really helped and enlightened me. She made me so comfortable that the barrier between mentee and mentor vanished. My mentor helped me set right priorities and guided me to work towards fulfillment.

Relationship of two inspiring women can work magic for one another. I treasure these relationships a lot. We had a great conversation on topics related to the experiences that she learnt during her career, ticking off work-life balance, networking, reaching out to senior executives, and working in male dominated professions or teams. She was a good listener with a broad minded approach to issues. I grabbed each word my mentor said and tried to work on it last year. Hence, I drew benefits from her experience.

To add on to my success in the year 2014, I feel happy stating that I presented a Research Paper Titled – Dyeing To Sustain: “Encouraging Eco Conscious Lifestyle & Social Responsibility” in the International Conference On Fashion, Retail And Management held at NIFT Hyderabad.

Richa Lakwal presenting her research work

Richa Lakwal presenting her research work

Also, I was the Lead Fashion Design Faculty in Designing of Jaipur Metro Uniform Design, under the excellent guidance and support of Ms. Archana Surana. I think a female mentor acts like a catalyst for next generation female leaders which will contribute in the development of our country.

For the year 2015I want to rediscover myself and reveal my true potential through this enriching walk.

– Richa Lakwal

Fashion & Apparel Designer, Fashion & Textile Design Faculty at Arch Academy of Design, Jaipur.

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