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Rhea Kapoor: About the internet trolls, WHO CARES?

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  •  May 26, 2015


Internet was never a safe place for women. However, some girls really know how to deal with Internet trolls.  And some girls have confidence and will to laugh them off. JWB really loved how Rhea Kapoor swept all internet haters to the dusty corner with one reply.

Social media was trending with memes of Sonam Kapoor’s dress, trolling her sense of fashion and baking noodle length of hate and disgust against both sisters.

Here what Rhea who styled her sibling for the glamorous walk at Cannes has to say:

Whenever you do anything out of the box, you get positivity and negativity for it. Initially, when Sonam started walking the red carpet, a lot of people didn’t get it. So coming to the Elie Saab gown, we got fantastic press for it internationally, and about the internet trolls, WHO CARES?

I loved the dress, it was bold and fresh, it was so Sonam. When she put the dress on she looked like a princess. It was couture and luxury and I absolutely loved the dress. For me, it’s very easy to go and pick a commercial gown, which is figure-hugging and people will understand it. But we never did the Elie Saab gown for the reviews. If people are making memes and all it means that it is a point of conversation, that’s what fashion should be about, it is supposed to make you think and feel excited.

Think of how boring it is to look like how everybody wants you to look! Like people come up to me at times and are like, “Rhea maybe you should wear some lipstick and dress up more…” and I am like if I want to walk around frigging Bandra with a bag on my head, I will do that and not care about what the world expects me to be like. Every girl should be like that. So, all the hoopla about Sonam’s dress is funny, I saw some of the memes and I thought they were hilarious. I saw one about my dad and I thought that was a little weird (laughs), but dude who cares, you should be able to laugh at yourself. Sonam and I are not taking it too seriously.

Yes, girls, it is your choice, and you are the only who should feel comfortable about it.

We find Rhea’s Cannes job really fantastic!

All of Sonam's appearances at Cannes this year, styled by Rhea Kapoor

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