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Reviewing Kids Book – “How To Stop Your Grownup From Making Bad Decisions”

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  •  October 27, 2015


Being a children’s book, the thing I loved about the most about it is that the mother is dating a rapper. How exquisite is that! The book’s title “How To Stop Your Grownup From Making Bad Decisions” itself is intriguing.

The story is narrated by Nina who thinks her mother is making all the wrong decisions. The prodigal Nina, whose parents are divorced, has a nontraditional Indian family.

Written by Judy Balan, Nina has an awful lot of problems in her life. Her teenage sister is going through hormonal changes, and is therefore, cranky and uncontrollable. Intervening grandparents and the teacher she hates the most, “Dig-Shit” are making her and her family’s life a nuisance!

For her, sadly the worst of all is that her mom is dating a “loser”. There’s fortunately a nice “uncle” in the scenario who has a deep chemistry with her mother.

It’s interesting to know where the story will lead to, considering it’s written from the perspective of an 11-year-old girl.

The book is funny, interesting and also very different from the usual stuff we read! Go buy it from your nearby bookstores!

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