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Resolutions of a Jaipur Woman for 2015

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  •  December 31, 2014


Waking up late on January 1 and suddenly realizing you have already broken one of your resolutions, is not easy.  I know these resolutions are just for namesake and have become more of a trend than actual promises to self. But somehow I try to follow them…well at least for 11 minutes or so.

The habit of making plans, sanctioning them in my life and then molding my life according to them, is already happening too much every day. So this year I have no resolutions. Literally. However, I have few determinations as a woman of Jaipur city. Wanna know?

At home:

  1. No more complaints, dear hubby, cheer up! I mean…I will try my best to accept how different a man and a woman are. And that, you are not a magician who can hear my mind. Therefore, no more fights.
  2. I am never stepping in the shady & dark room, they call Sonography center. Hell yeah, everyone is scared of dark.
  3. And I won’t paint the room pink or blue. How has the humankind been missing all those amazing shades from Asian Paints since ages? Duh.
  4. With this, I am prepared for my girl to race her cars in the lawn and toddler-boy to shake his butt wearing frocks. Aww!
  5. Of course, my girl is going to school and then for graduation and later for post-grad. Ah, a PhD further or absolutely no bookish education is also welcome…
  6. All this because I won’t cuff my boy for choosing Hotel Management as his career saying it’s too feminine or shame over my girl’s choice to become a certified Jazz dancer.

At workplace:

  1. I am so ready with my boxing gloves this time around. One sexist comment and your nose is broken, mister.
  2. There is a stupid roof called ‘glass ceiling’ that doesn’t let the equality come inside the building making us feel suffocated. I am going with my hammer though after this holiday.
  3.  Also, I am not going to wear the same pad since morning till evening and control the release of urine all day long. It hurts down there, and this is enough to make me demand for a proper washroom.


In the society:

  1.  I will not walk with my head down on the streets. I have got a beautiful face and I am not afraid of any moron passing lewd comments on me.
  2.  Women love mirrors, so do I. I will find myself in every woman around me and would take her pain as my own. I will be the first to listen to her, to pat soothe her back & offer her water and seek justice on her behalf.
  3.  I am preparing to have more Nirbhayas who are courageous enough to fight both physically and mentally till their last breath. For this, I determine to educate women starting from my maid, etc.
  4.  I will make sure to use ‘Purdah’ skillfully as my home desperately needs a makeover.

For the self:

  1.  To begin with, I am allotting myself a ‘Me-Time’ of minimum 1 hour. No husband. No kid. No saasu-maa. No phone calls from friend. No chit-chats with neighborhood aunty. No one for this 1 hour, please.
  2.  I saw these high heels in hot red color which I have planned to wear when my child will be married.  A 50-something in high heel, high head with an amazing haircut and deep-cut blouse. I am sexy and I know it!
  3.  Oops, did you just roll your eyes up on the word ‘sexy’? Will you toss an air balloon down your throat if I use the word ‘Sex’? Don’t because I am going to tell you a little secret here – women who talk about sex openly with their partners are one of the happiest.
  4.  And for heaven’s sake, I am not going to grow like a pumpkin. I have no desire of giving Santa a run for his money next Xmas.

Hey diary, do you have any more resolutions…err…determinations to add in my list. You are welcome xoxo

P.S. Voice of a Jaipur Woman, just like you, skillfully expressed by Lavanya Bahuguna, JWB Blogger

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