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Ayushi Agarwal

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Remya Jose Creates Washing Machine Which Runs Without Electricity

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  •  October 13, 2015


Washing clothes can be a tedious task. It requires upper-body strength and an iron will. That is why most of us get our clothes washed by a maid, or with the washing machine. But those who do not have the means to afford any of the former, need to carry their load of clothes to the nearby lake and beat them senseless on the rocks in order to get the stains out.

For Remya Jose, this was an opportunity to invent a feasible solution, and she did! She was 14 when she developed a washing machine which does not require electricity. She transformed an ordinary cycle by connecting it to a paddling system, into a ‘Exercycle’ which can be used to get laundry done, while keeping fit!



Her father helped her by requesting an automobile workshop mechanic to make the washing machine based on Remya’s design. She won a National Award for her invention, which has been a blessing for many in her village Kizhattoor Panchayat in Malappuram district, Kerala.

Apart from this innovation, Remya designed and won other prizes for a working model of a casserole that functioned as a thermal cooker and a still model of a transmission tower for mobile phones. For her 12th examination she had made a model of a refrigerator that would keep perishable materials fresh up to a week.

Remya’s design costs only Rs.2,000 and had proved to be a brilliant invention. Kudos!

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