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Reena Mathur: Devote Your Liberated Life

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  •  August 8, 2014


How is the life after retirement? Yes, you got to spend a lot of time with your family, grandchildren and you can travel where ever you want, but then what? We met the vibrant retired Rajasthan University Professor Reena Mathur.

So what is she doing after her retirement? Let’s know from her:


“I never liked sitting idle and doing nothing. Of course I enjoy sitting in my garden with a cup of coffee, enjoying nature and with friends having a gala time. But for me, the meaning of life is fulfilled by something else. I believe that as a human if you cannot serve the one in need, your life is a mere waste.

When I was teaching, I was a support mechanism for the NGO ‘Rajasthan University Women Association’ (RUWA). Now, after retirement I have determined to be pro-active with it. RUWA has 22 centers across Rajasthan and 5 in Jaipur. I work with Raja Park Women Police Station (W) as their Convener. I have a team of 2 constables and few students of sociology/psychology. We help harassed women and try our best to support them.

I find my peace by being a supporting hand for these distressed women. Most of such cases belong to poor families who lack basic education, and where the husband is beating or abusing the wife. Hence, to make them understand and bring harmony back is difficult. Always taking it as a challenge, I never let myself give up. Survey might say that the cases of harassment have increased over the time, but I think it is the awareness among women that has increased. Groups like us, people supporting us and media is to be given credit.


So why let the times just pass by? Why not rediscover the mission of your life? If your kids are married and living in different city or abroad, how about offering a little support to such NGOs that work for less fortunate? My questions are not typical; they are just the old demarcations that our mind might have overlooked. I won’t encourage you to join this particular NGO, but anything that is nearby your home which is easily accessible, will do wonders.

I feel beautiful when my students come to me and say ‘You inspire us’. With the same spirit and hope, I hope my words have moved a string in your heart. Let’s utilize our liberated years making someone’s life!”

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