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Himanshu Roy

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Receive Happy-gifts From Rashi Bajaj’s ‘Being Juliet’ During Cranky Periods

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  •  December 22, 2015


What would be your reaction if, on the day your periods are due, you receive a box of gifts with a note that someone cares for you? It was this idea of pampering women during menstruation that propelled entrepreneur Rashi Bajaj to come up with her venture Being Juliet.

So what happens when you take a subscription of Being Juliet? Every month when those painful days are not far away, an assortment of sanitary supplies along with a few thoughtful gifts will arrive on the doorstep to cheer up your mood.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Rashi feels that in the current scenario when a woman is always shuffling between home and work, there is little ‘me’ time left for her. And add to that the menstruation woes and the fact that often they forget that their periods are due on the next day, you find out that it is not easy being a woman in this 21st century.

So this is why Rashi thought to start being Juliet, an initiative through which women can connect and identify with.

Coming from a family of businessmen and with a life partner who is an entrepreneur, it was known that the business bug would bite this small town girl eventually.

Always known as the one to excel in every sphere of life, Rashi, who completed her studies from the reputed Lady Shriram College of Commerce in New Delhi, had earlier come up with Carpet Couture, a startup dealing with rugs.

It was her career that pointed to her the importance of periods and how too much work pressure often results into hassling rounds of the pharmacy barely before your periods are due. Her husband was the first person to pledge his support to this initiative and months later, Being Juliet was a reality.

And the reaction? Apparently Rashi’s inbox is being overloaded with thank-you emails sent by women who adored the idea of getting pampered during periods.

Now that’s the difference that women can make in the biz world, not only by being at the helm of her own venture, through their perception experimenting with those ideas that are not only unconventional but are also very much necessary in the current context.

Great one Rashi!!

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