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Read The Story Of Entrepreneur Natasha Jain – Founder Of Ruplee

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  •  June 26, 2015

Natasha Jain is the founder of Ruplee, an easy & fast way to process payment along with maintaining the payment history and loyalty points in one place. It enables a consumer to walk into a physical outlet and pay without the need to carry cash, card or wallet.

But Natasha’s journey wasn’t easy. Because she was just 26 yrs old when she came up with the idea, she wasn’t taken seriously. She says: “It is always difficult to be a woman entrepreneur in your mid 20s because you can get pushback from people about the seriousness you have towards your venture. You really need to prove to family and friends that you have enough faith and dedication in the startup you are working on.”

Also, she was doubted if her business will flourish in India or not. She says: “Add to that, the fact that, till date, I get questioned about why I moved back from the Silicon Valley to start a venture in India. It takes a lot to prove your passion about the idea to everyone around you.”

Talking about her inspiration, Natasha speaks: “It was the very thought of creating a product that would impact people’s daily lives that appealed to her the most.”

In a country where most people still buy things paying cash, it was a mission for Natasha to have a strong determination and keep working on her idea. She remarks: “I had great faith in my belief that this is going to be the next revolution in the payment structure.”

Isn’t she an inspiration?

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