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Read How Transgender Pushpa Celebrated Teej With Daughter Rani

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  •  August 20, 2015

Remember Pushpa? The Jaipur based transgender I chatted with some time back?

Her story was JWB’s first transgender article wherein we explored both the physical as well as psychological journeys of people like her. After that influential encounter, I was looking forward to hear and know more about this community. Fortunately, the other day, I received a call from Pushpa Ji and guess what? She invited me to her community’s Teej party. The anxious child in me was so delighted at this beautiful opportunity!

We all know that Teej is considered as one of the most important Indian festivals for married women, especially in the Northern parts of India. But what we don’t know is that the transgender community celebrates it too and in a merry and splendid fashion. Their positive and hopeful behavior never ceases to inspire me.


As soon as I entered the hotel, I could feel the aura of grandeur through the colours and giggles that echoed in the air. The ladies looked amazing in their red, pink, and maroon sarees, kurtas and lehengas. Their hands were decorated with beautiful henna designs and all of them were singing special Teej festival songs.

Suddenly, I spotted Pushpa Ji. She was wearing a traditional purple Rajasthani lehenga and sitting in the center with a girl. I went ahead to greet her. That is when she introduced me to Rani, her daughter. She had adopted her out of her intense desire for a child and out of her biological inability to have one. She told me that she wants to fulfill all of Rani’s dreams and desires, and also got her married to the guy of Rani’s choice. Isn’t that wonderful?


While talking to me about Rani, Pushpa Ji’s eyes glittered with high hopes for her dear daughter’s bright future and that made her look even more beautiful! Even though Rani is not her biological daughter, she is full of motherly emotions towards her.

Rani is showered with immense love and affection, not only by Pushpa Ji, but also by their entire community. In fact, they had arranged this grand event to celebrate Rani’s first Teej post her marriage.


Just then, the rituals of the pious festival started and Pushpa Ji beautified her daughter with solah shringar…just like any mother would have done. Other members of the community also joined in the celebration and the whole scene was no less than that of a traditional Rajasthani family Teej celebration with different generation of ladies dancing and singing together.100_0853

This community, which had faced and still faces all types of grievous discrimination in the society overwhelmed me with their joy for life.

Reflections like these help us understand how transgenders are living their lives with equal respect as we do. Still, what is needed is not only to understand them, but also to relate with them. All those who have not met transgender people even once or have a negative view towards them need to see the real, beautiful and successful beings in them before making any kind of judgement.

This year, Rajya Sabha has passed the Transgender Persons Bill, which talks about two percent reservation in education and employment for their community. But still it’s hard to spot these people in our workplaces.

Let’s try to change the societal conditions for them so that they can have the same chance as everyone else in leading a normal and happy life.

Pushpa's Whatsapp status

Pushpa’s Whatsapp status

Just as I was concluding this article, my Whatsapp pinged again. It was Pushpa Ji. She wanted me to send her the link of her article. On reading her message, all the wonderful moments and cherished memories of their Teej celebration party replayed in my mind and a smile full of mixed emotions came on my lips.

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