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Read How Sonal Sawansukha’s Life Changed at the Age of 19

  • IWB Post
  •  May 6, 2015


Do you remember the campaign ‘Aid to Maid’ that brought a small yet powerful social change in Jaipur? The campaign spoke about how a master can bring positive transformation in a maid’s life.

The excellent campaign was initiated by the city’s Jewellery Designer Sonal Sawansukha, who is known for introducing a distinctive jewelry collection every season. Since ‘Aid to Maid’, we badly wanted to meet Sonal & talk about her 19-yr old self who became a sudden ‘it’ brand of Jaipur many years ago.

Here’s the story, read and get inspired.

JWB – Tell us from the beginning.

Sonal – I was one of those few students who are clear about their career path at a very early age. I always knew jewelry designing is something I can give my heart to, and so without a doubt, I pursued it soon after completing 12th grade._MG_6097a

I went to Mumbai to join SNDT that provided the only jewelry course during those times. Later, I got a chance to present myself at one of the events of the World Gold Council. Since this event invites biggest jewelers from round the world, I was a bit nervous. But more than that, I was confident of my talent. Amazingly, I won the award in Men’s Watch collection and became the youngest achiever!_MG_6243a

I have no words to describe the feeling I was filled with. It was breath-taking. In Jaipur, every jeweler acknowledged my work and talent. That was the happiest phase of my life.

I saw myself in newspapers, TV news; I heard people talking about me. For that moment, I became the sensation of the town. All that because I made Jaipur city proud by being the youngest jewellery designing achiever._MG_6140a

I think I am married to jewelry. No offense to my lovely husband though! (laughs)

JWB – Wow, we can see that spark and happiness in your eyes while you’re telling us about it.

Sonal – I am not just a designer or jeweler. I have a burning desire in my heart to come up with innovative designs every time. I absolutely cannot present my customers just any regular art work._MG_6302a

JWB – What has been your best and most favorite collection so far?

Sonal – That’s hard to choose. However, the last season’s collection that I did inculcating peacock feather in jewelries is a precious memory._MG_6269

JWB – It is beautiful! Your clients must be habitual of your spectacular work.

Sonal – But all of this is hard to attain. I have had my lessons while growing up. I took time to manage money, open my own studio, handle a team and gain trust of clients._MG_6298a

JWB – Do you have any fear at this stage where you’ve reached a good height in your career?

Sonal – We, humans, have a tough time coming out of our past’s glory. Knowing I’ve achieved a lot at a tender age, I constantly check if confidence is overpowering my abilities. _MG_6172aAt that, I very well know that I have never let anything overshadow my talent, and that’s why I have always been able come up with collections that people recognize and appreciate.

JWB – Do you think you have it all?

Sonal (laughs) – Time management is an issue with every working woman._MG_6103a I believe that if a woman can’t handle time, she can’t handle anything in her life. It’s a regular struggle for me to improve my balancing skills.

JWB – How do you keep yourself at peace?

Sonal – My mantra is to relax and take some time off from work and family. At times I go for morning/evening walks all alone & talk to myself._MG_6215a

JWB – Finally, our favorite part is here. We want to see your designs!

Sonal showed us French Enameling artwork, Miniature painting collection, necklace made using someone’s private coin collection, Fabric collection, Hand-woven pearls, Peacock Feather collection, etc. (photos)


Necklace made with coins from the private collection


Temple Jewellery


Spring Bird-nest collection. Picture shows the wax miniatures before designing begins.


Choker collection


From top clockwise – Hand-woven pearls, Miniature paintings jewelry collection with Lord Krishna & Parrots, Peacock feather collection.

We love the confidence Sonal carries. She is well-aware of her skill and uses it with precision.


Photographer: Shashank K Tyagi

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