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Read How Prachi Pradhan Is Revolutionizing Employer-Employee Relationship

  • IWB Post
  •  October 15, 2015


Do you still raise your eyebrows seeing a daughter handling her father’s business? DON’T. Exactly this thought was discussed in one of our earlier campaigns – Papa Singh & Daughter.

We are happy to have found another such story of 25-year-old Prachi Pradhan. Meet this doe-eyed girl from Jaipur who runs Hotel Raya Inn.

JWB: So what is it like to run a company with your father?

Prachi: Dangerous. You have to be on your guards All The Time. *laughs*18


JWB: In that case, we want to hear something from your diary.

Prachi: Just after a couple of hours following my return to Jaipur post college, my father took me to a hotel and told me, “This is your company now. Handle it on your own terms”. Can you believe that? Psst, it was a Sunday!!

JWB: Was that all scary at the first glance?

Prachi: To be honest, very much. Being in my early 20s, I was poor at handling my own life, how could I handle a hotel?! This was what I thought to myself. I knew I couldn’t give up so I tried to grab lessons from every direction. From the employees, clients, of course, Papa. Every evening after I returned from work, I would bombard him with hundreds of questions. 16

JWB: How does he react seeing your grow?

Prachi: He is happy. He sometimes mentions how quickly I have learnt in these two years.


JWB: Two years into handling a hotel in a city which is quite frequent among the tourists, how has been the experience?

Prachi: Enriching, if this is the right word. I remember being nervous during my first few formal meetings with our clients. I used to keep mum and listen more. I didn’t really know how to argue about something our work ethics doesn’t support. I have heard people saying how a girl this young can sit among the experienced ‘men’ and talk about hotels and hospitality! Today, everything has changed.







JWB: Tell us from your experience, what are the benefits and what can go wrong if a daughter is handling the work?8

Prachi: Women are more sensitive towards issues in which men only behave practically to figure out the solution. There is a man in our hotel staff who is an alcoholic. So much so, that he comes to work drunk. The first & only suggestion that I got from my seniors was to fire him. However, I didn’t do so. He is still working, and every day I call for a talk-session with him for about 30 minutes. I ask him about his family, their health, etc. We discuss those things that normally an employer doesn’t care about. The results have started to show. I have been noticing changes in his code of conduct. He has reduced drinking. I have even encouraged him to apply for PF and ESIC, which he was earlier ignoring.11

JWB: Wow, after listening to this experience we can declare that nothing can go wrong when a daughter is the queen of her father’s business.

Prachi (laughs): Thank you. I don’t think I will ever give up on my employees so easily.

JWB: Would you like to tell us how your day starts every day?

Prachi: Most of the times, I wake up at 5:30 am and go for my routine walk. After that, I take my breakfast and sit in solace for some time. By 10, I am at my place of work. Once I come back, I make sure to report everything to Papa. Evenings are generally for friends and family. Mostly, neighbors. I am very social. All the kids and pets in the colony are friends with me!20

JWB: You are inspiring, Prachi!

Prachi: Your blog inspires me every day, too!

JWB: Thank you!

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Photo Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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