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Read How A Tattoo Artist Changed The Lives Of Many Breast Cancer Survivors

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  •  April 19, 2017


She didn’t know that a woman’s call would change her life. Until 2011, Amy Black was only a well-respected tattoo artist with a small studio.

When the woman called Amy, she got to know that post breast cancer and removal of her breast, she wanted her nipple and aureole to be tattooed.

Director Paula Haydock then created a documentary on the life of Amy Black. She said in a Q&A session, “I discovered the amazing Amy Black after reading an article about how the Instagram’s ban on female nipples caused her social media posts to be taken down as “inappropriate content”. I couldn’t understand how something so positive could be censored, and how her work wasn’t being championed more, so James and I decided to tell her story and show how profoundly her work helps people.” 

She continued. “Amy’s clients were so enthusiastic. All it took was a brief email explaining what we wanted to do with them and they all jumped at the chance. The top line was always the same “anything we can do to show what a wonderful human Amy is”.

” I actually cried during filming. One lady told the story of her battle with cancer and explained that for her the only reason she even had implants was to prove to her daughter that cancer can’t take anything away from you. At that moment I felt well up and when she continued to tell us that she wanted a pair of nipples as a thank you to her husband for everything he had done for her, the tears started rolling. Each person we filmed with had an incredibly touching story and to hear, in such frank words, how these people have continued with their lives and found such a positive way of looking at the world and telling their story is very moving. I think I can speak for James as well in saying we both felt very humbled after our time in Virginia.”

You can watch the entire video, below:

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