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Read About This Camp In Mali That Trains Unemployed Youth

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  •  August 28, 2015


According to statistics, about 50% of young people in Mali are unemployed or underemployed.

A project called the ‘Soufouroulaye youth camp’ teaches about 60 unemployed women & men some kind of work to make them financially independent. The classes begin at 7:30 am at a place which is about 500 km away from Malian capital.

They are given intensive training in sewing, electrical or mechanics. These courses are a means to develop skills that will lead to gainful employment. What a nice idea!

And not only this, the programme breaks many stereotypes as well. Women are being trained into fields that are considered manly such as mechanics. One such woman said, “I chose mechanics first of all because I do not think this is a job reserved for men. It’s all a matter of will. My father was a mechanic on a boat. When I was small, he often took me with him and I would watch him work. He would be proud of me today. With my job, I really hope I can establish my own business and earn a living with dignity.”

Do you know about the existence of Soufouroulaye project? Funded by Japan, the programme aims to create quick and temporary jobs for 3,000 young people and promote income-generating activities. Mali is known to have regional conflicts and differences, and groups like Soufouroulaye are helping  reinforce unity by demonstrating that youth from various backgrounds have common concerns and ambitions.

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