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Reactions On Smriti Irani Getting Removed From I&B Ministry Bring Out The Misogyny In India

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  •  May 15, 2018

How many times in India do you come across honest politicians who fulfill their duties impeccably well? Let us all be honest, the answer is seldom. But as soon as a controversy engulfs Smriti Irani it is as if she is the only politician in the country who apparently doesn’t know how to do her job.

Let’s admit one fact here, Irani is controversy’s child. The newest controversy added to the list would be her being divested from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B). The question that now haunts me is that whether Irani is the only minister in the history of Indian politics who has been removed from a post or has undergone a reshuffle? Before you answer this please keep in the mind the fact that she still remains a part of BJP and in light of the coming elections this might be a move to relieve her of her duties as she’d be providing a helping hand in the elections.

That, however, doesn’t occur to the misogynistic Twitterati who have started making personal attacks of Irani after the announcement. Here are some of the tweets:

nikhil wagle on Twitter

Smriti Irani will go down as most ‘transfered’ minister in Modi Sarkar. Removed from HRD first, removed from I&B now. She leaves her ‘impact’ in every ministry!

Swapnil Suryawanshi on Twitter

Smriti Irani was earlier shifted from the HRD Ministry to Textiles Ministry, Textiles to I and B Ministry, now removed as I and B. Final destination; Balaji Telefilms. #SmritiIrani

नारद मुनि डॉन™ #RYP on Twitter

Meanwhile… Back to Basics.. #SmritiIrani Style 😜🙏😇😂😂😂😂

Bobby Sohail Khan on Twitter

Yale Madam @smritiirani This Is What Happens When In Democracy A Person Isn’t Elected By Public & Rewarded For Bootlicking. One Gets Demoted Many Times & This Shows How Able One Is Used As Diaper Or Changed Like Panties.

My Fellow Indians on Twitter

RT if you want @smritiirani to get the #ChaiAndPakoda Ministry.

It indeed is sad that we continuously attack a woman in politics for being incompetent while there remain so many corrupt people who never face the amount of trolling that Irani does. The remarks that keep suggesting the “bahuraani” to resort to stitching, or to become a part of the “chaai and pakora” ministry or go back to Balaji telefilms just establish the fact that we as a country are deeply prejudiced against our women.

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