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What is your reaction to rape?

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  •  December 6, 2014


When we heard about India’s most infamous rape case happened in Delhi, we thought ‘She could have been me’ and were fuming with anger against the culprits. We became active parts of angry protests, candlelight vigils and prompted heated debates. We even wrote enraged social media status speaking about the frequency of sexual violence in our society. Not to forget, this incident generated widespread national and international coverage and was widely condemned.

Two years after, the scenario is different. The surfacing of rape cases is more frequent than expected. A 13-year analysis of crime data reveals that a little more than 57 rapes were reported every day. This averages over two rapes every hour. Even after such horrible facts something seems changing – OUR REACTION towards all this. It has now become regular for us to read about such incidents in the newspaper every morning. The time has lapsed our vigor to fight on behalf of these victims.

After all, we cannot protect our women by shouting or debating or burning candlesis what most of us have started thinking.

On a bright side, this silence can be a sign of maturity. Our ‘no-more-reaction’ phase can be an indication that now the law is becoming stern for the accused and that, now our women have become more cautious and empowered. Our anger is less visible on social media because some of us are taking actual actions in society to lessen the sexual assaults.


On the contrary, we are afraid if this stillness means taking rape cases and lives of victims for granted. Have we accepted ‘rape’ as a ‘shameful’ part of our Indian culture thinking that our fight won’t make any difference? Ask yourself, if you even remember the nurse Aruna Shanbaug who was raped in 1973 and has been in a vegetative state since then. As terrible as it sounds, but we human beings tend to pay less attention even to incidents like this as time passes.

While the recently hyped rape case involving Hollywood actor Bill Cosby might convey us that rapes are crimes of opportunity that occur in every corner of the world and not just India, some of us are already taking a sigh of relief after this incident thinking it’s okay for men to rape.

IS THAT SO? We are asking – what this silence indicates to YOU?

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