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Rapper Samir Rishu Mohanty’s Album ‘Are You Indian?’ Shames Those Who Doubt His Ethnicity

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  •  July 14, 2018

Sometime back, we wrote about Kekho Thianmkho a.k.a. K4 Kekho from Arunachal Pradesh who’s trying to condemn racism faced by North-Easterners by rapping about it. This 23-year-old’s rap was called “I am Indian” that narrated the emotional, verbal and physical abuse his people generally go through in other parts of our country.

We now have another artist called Samir Rishu Mohanty a.k.a Big Deal from Odisha who’s fighting racism in his own way. His album “Are you Indian?” sarcastically questions those who doubt his ethnicity.

His rap goes like:

Sometimes you tryin’ to fit in, sometimes you tryin’ to be different
Sometimes you tryin’ to be western, sometimes you tryin’ to be Indian
All I’m tryin’ to say is all of this is very conflicting
Why don’t you make up your mind and then make a decision.”

Samir says his video is inspired by Joyner Lucas’s I’m Not Racist. Watch it to listen to the compilation of all the nasty racist comments people like him often get to hear because of their facial features and dialect.

“Who are you? What you even doing in here?

Pardon my ignorance, but lately too many immigrants in India.

Did you sneak in through the border? You look Chinese.

I ain’t racist, I just judged you based on how your stupid face is.

See you got little eyes and no eyebrows”

He concludes the rap by singing, “I am me, tryin’ to fit in as an Indian citizen, I can’t pardon your ignorance for thinking I’m an immigrant. I am Indian, let me be Indian.”

Talking about his work and how it changed his life, he once told RadioAndMusic, “The people who bullied me back in school and looked at me as an inferior are looking at me as inspiration. It’s rap that has given me that identity. I want to put more inspirational and meaningful music. I am tired of the usual bull***t in India. Hip-hop is huge. It is not just about partying with women. I am trying to bring change with my music. India has pain and it is an emotionally driven country. People will relate to emotions.”

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