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Rapist Is A Stranger Vs. Rapist Is A Known Person. Check Out The Shocking Ratio.

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  •  September 21, 2015


RAHAT, a programme that provides socio-legal support for survivors of rape, released a report few months back titled “Pursuing this thing called justice: A survivor centric approach towards victims of sexual violence”.

The report contains studies done on 644 FIRs reporting sexual violence, filed between August 2008 and July 2015 by the Mumbai Police.

It showed the ratio of known vs stranger rapists –

In 9 percent of cases the accused were strangers. In the remaining 91 percent the accused were known persons. This breaks the myth that most rapes are committed by strangers in secluded and dark public places.

Exhibit A: Place Of Offence.

In 60 percent of the cases, the place of offence was the home of the victim or accused or someone known to them.
In 14 percent of the cases it was in a rented room or office.
In 15 percent of the cases the abuse was in a public place.

Exhibit B: Rapes by fathers and step-fathers.

Rapes by fathers/step-fathers constituted 46 percent of family rapes. THEY FORM 7.2 percent OF TOTAL RAPE CASES – ALMOST AS HIGH AS RAPES BY STRANGERS (9 percent).

The sexual abuse within the family is, in fact, far more rampant than these figures reveal. In most cases, the abuse is hushed up, especially the abuse by fathers, who in most cases are also bread winners of the family. Few cases accidentally get reported, and in these cases the victim or her mother face great stigma and are under tremendous pressure to retract. The ones who withstand this pressure and pursue the case do so at great cost to themselves, in terms of financial security and social ostracisation.


It is. So how do we act now? As far as the cases of child-abuse are concerned, most important for parents is to keep their children informed about – Not befriending any stranger in the school, parks or streets, and timely reporting about the relative who tries to touch their private parts.

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