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Rakhi Report: Sister-Brother Date at Cafe F-32

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  •  August 19, 2014


For Rakhi Festival, we’ve arranged a fun contest where the Jaipur sisters were asked to sing praises about their brothers. Isn’t that an easy task for a sister to say – ‘My brother is the strongest, most handsome, greatest, humble and eligible bachelor in the whole world’?

Ms. Neha Khandelwal had done this task so well that we chose her and brother Gaurav Khandelwal as the winners. They were sent on a dinner night-out at the youthful Café F-32. Here, let the duo tell us about the time they spent and memories made.


Neha – To boast about him was easy, after all he is youngest in 3 siblings and has found his qualities from his two elder sisters!

Gaurav – Whatever!

Neha – So when I participated in this amazing contest, I knew I am going to win the dinner at my favorite Café F-32 in C-scheme.

Gaurav – And I am thankful to her for winning this. It’s been long I had gone out to have good meal. That’s too with her.

Neha – Right. Since many days, we were planning a good meal together but in vain. Well, of course, there have been many trips to go get pizza or burger or go get ice cream, but nothing really grand.

Gaurav – So we were welcomed at F-32 and were seated at our reserved table. I am not much into décor, but boy, F-32 has one of the best interiors in Jaipur. I know such admiration coming from a man is not usual.

Neha – I love the colors there. The artful paintings decorating the walls and the comfy sofas…wow! Never on this earth could I miss this contest.

Gaurav – Since it was my first, I took charge of the menu. Before she could utter a word, I ordered the Margarita Pizza, Pasta – A La Fungi and Spicy Guava – they have it specially recommended.


Neha – I let him. The fact is that it is my first ever date and that too with my lovey-dovey brother. I felt I had it all. Funny, eh! You know what I chose a lot of time to decide what to wear on this night-out.

Gaurav – You look beautiful didi. And more so because you are wearing this fabulous wrist watch I gifted to you. Haha.

Neha – Make me look more beautiful on my wedding day by gifting me a Rolex, as you have promised.

Gaurav – I remember it well.

We shot few quick question on this brother-sister duo:

JWB – So how was the food?


Gaurav – Amazing. I am coming here again next week with my friend.

Neha – Girlfriend, he means.

JWB – Any words for Café F-32?

Neha – I give it 10/10. One of the best modern hangouts in Jaipur city.


Gaurav – Apart from food, the people (staff) is warm and welcoming. Because they didn’t throw us out for all the loud arguments we both were having.

JWB – You both still fight or is it a childhood story?

Gaurav – Had we not been brother-sister, we would have been grumpy neighbors always cursing each other. Yes, we still fight a lot.

Neha – We are just two very different people altogether. He irritates me in everything he does. He is youngest so he thinks people around him will take care of his mess.

JWB – So you mean there is nothing common between both of you?

In chorus – Nothing. At. All.

JWB – That means, this ‘pretty date’ too hasn’t managed to bring a little change?

Neha – You want to bet on our chemistry amidst all the arguments?

Gaurav – I love her to the moon and back.


They are surely one of the closest brother-sister we have ever come across. Their words couldn’t hide the love they had in their eyes for one another. This Rakhshabandhan has definitely brought them closer (as Neha wrote in a personal message to us later this interview).

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