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Rakhi Challenge: Vote For Damini & Bhuvan’s Kind Deed!

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  •  August 28, 2015

JWB’s Rakhi Challenge is ON in full swing! We can already feel the anticipation and excitement in the air, and to not keep you waiting any further, here’s the second task of the Challenge: A Kind Act!

Both the brother-sister duos were required to perform a kind deed as a part of their mission to win the natural beauty vouchers from our campaign sponsor Swarna Medi Spa. Scroll down to find out what Damini and Bhuvan, our young sibling duo, were up to, because only your votes will help them win this challenge!46It was a hot afternoon and we were on our way to Indian Coffee House, JKK, to meet Damini and Bhuvan for task number two, whilst wondering what activity they had thought of!

45When we entered JKK, we saw a construction laborer at work with his wife, and their two little sons lurking around. Little did we know that very soon we were going to have a close encounter with them!

Damini sat down with the 24-year old Dhapo Devi, wife of that laborer we just saw. She engaged her in a casual conversation wherein she attempted to know more about her.

47On hearing their living conditions and family backgrounds, she discussed with Dhapo Devi various issues such as woman health, woman hygiene, birth control, and the free medication provided by government to people below poverty line.

20Meanwhile, the brother, Chunnu aka Bhuvan, was chatting with 2 other young boys who had just returned from their tuition. He found out that they studied in a government school and didn’t know a thing about computers.

22 The result of this conversation was Chunnu sitting with his laptop on with both the kids on his either sides.

13As he started teaching them how to use a laptop, he discovered that the kids were unacquainted with the English Language.

9It was funny watching him describe MS Word as chitthi, and Maths as ganit when he taught them how to use the calculator.


On the other hand, Dhapo Devi’s husband joined in the conversation and Damini questioned him as to why he wasn’t sending his kids to school.

40She referred to these computer geniuses in the making and insisted that he should educate his sons.285I joined the educational picnic trying to overhear Damini and Bhuvan’s conversations with their respective students.

6After the laborer’s family, Damini reverted to the kids Bhuvan was teaching. She explored their textbooks and found something that surprised us all.18These children had English books and English as a subject but weren’t well versed with the language because the teacher in their school brought in private tuition students and neglected the actual school students.

8Being a social activist, Damini was saddened by discovering this fact and told us, “Hum government ko blame karte rehte hain! Government is giving good books, good schools; it is doing its part. But it is we the people who need to transform and lift our minds and actions.”


On this note, she pledged to take action against the dishonest activities of this teacher at the concerned school.

19What set out as a task for our Rakhi Challenge, ended up being an eye-opening issue that came to light.

If their deed inspires you, help them compete against Ranoo and Vivek by voting for them and making them win an exciting beauty therapy voucher from Swarna Medi Spa.  Hurry! The clock is ticking!

Picture Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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