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Rakhi Challenge: Ranoo And Vivek Play Their Favorite Childhood Game

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  •  August 31, 2015

Hello folks! We hope you all had an awesome Raksha Bandhan. Team JWB is still relishing the spirit of the festival as today we speak of the final and fourth task of our Rakhi Challenge! Disclaimer: This task will take you back to your childhood. Don’t blame me if you invite your sibling for a competition after watching our contesting brother sister duos play their favorite childhood game!IMG_3242The task sounds interesting, right? Want to know what’s even more interesting? It was when Ranoo and Vivek pulled out their 45-year old carom board! This was the very same board on which they played during their childhood years. To think this board was almost as old as this brother and sister sitting in front of me was wow!

Ranoo: (Remembered fondly) I always used to cheat in carom! If the coin was near the hole, I used to drag it and then declare it mine!

Meanwhile Vivek was setting the board. Both of them offered me to play but I resisted the temptation just to observe the streaks of fun that sparked between them as they took their seats on either sides of the board.

Vivek: She always had an eye on the queen!

IMG_3251Ranoo took the striker and went first. Bam! The coins went colliding in different directions.  

Ranoo: Now that we are playing, we are getting in the mood that we want to win!

IMG_3262Me: Besides carom, what other games did you both indulge in during your childhood?

Ranoo: We mostly played outdoor games. Tennis, Frisbee, horse-riding! We had a horse in our farmhouse…

Vivek: I was also into gliding for some time…

Me: Wow! That is so cool!

Ranoo: And swimming! We used to go almost every day for swimming. That was fun!

IMG_3278Vivek: Other than that we were also playing card games, ludo, name place animal thing…

And Ranoo tried to strike the queen. Looks like her childhood habit of hunting the queen hadn’t changed even today!

With this duo’s lovely bond, our Ralhi was so special. They competes against Damini and Bhuvan! The winning duo gets an exciting gift from campaign sponsor Swarna Medi Spa.

Picture Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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