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Rakhi Challenge: Ranoo And Vivek Create Each Other On An Apple!

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  •  August 29, 2015

Wish you all a very Happy Raksha Bandhan! Let us cherish this day! Let us celebrate the loving bond between a brother and a sister with the third task of our Rakhi Challenge. And reading this particular task will make you want to perform it with your brother/sister. I bet!

Another fact that makes this task special is that it has been developed by our campaign sponsor, Swarna Medi Spa. Just like their secret-recipe beauty products are a treat for one’s skin, this task designed by them is a fun and love-filled delight for a brother and sister.

Enough said! Let me satiate your curiosities now! The task revolves around an apple. Two apples, actually! IMG_4122Both the brother and the sister are required to portray their sibling on the apple, using whatever means they wish to employ. But the twist in the plot is that they are bound by a time limit of ten minutes.

Excited much? Yes, you should be. Because after all it is YOU who will decide the winners of this challenge through voting!

When I first introduced the task to Ranoo and Vivek, they were both excited and amused! They found it so interesting that they couldn’t wait to begin! Let’s see what they created for each other.IMG_4111Because we were in an office, there wasn’t much hopping around to get tools for the apple portrait.IMG_4124 Instead they both grabbed whatever was present on the table… and happily shared those pencils, markers, etc., with each other.

How sweet!

IMG_4130When initially I told them that the duration for the task was ten minutes, they were nervous. They thought it was less. But when the task actually started, Vivek was done and over with within merely 4 minutes!

IMG_4134And Ranoo, given her creative instincts, deftly expressed her love on the apple. In 8 minutes, her piece was ready too!IMG_4141I was excited beyond measure! I would be lying if I said that during the process I wasn’t peeking to catch a glimpse of their work!

Ready to see their creations? Have a look.

Vivek's Creation

Vivek’s Creation

Vivek: I am a very simple person. That is why I have made a very simple drawing. (Pointing towards what he had drawn) This is me. This is Didi. We are both holding each others hand. And I want this to be forever.

So much joy stemmed on Ranoo’s face as Vivek had been describing his apple.


Ranoo’s Creation

Ranoo: I have made a lotus. That is because, just like a lotus, my brother is simple, serene and beautiful. On the other side, I have carved a swan. Can you see that?

Me: Yeah!

vdsdsfsdfdsRanoo: You know how a swan is? It appears calm and peaceful on the surface, but little do we know that it is peddling frantically under the water. My brother is like a swan. He appears calm on the outside, but I know that he worries and cares a lot for us on the inside. For me, for my kids, for his wife, for our parents. He always keeps thinking about us and strives hard to give us all the happiness of the world.

There was a smile on her face and tears of love in her eyes.

IMG_4137Ranoo: Next, I have written: The bestest brother in the world. May we be together in all lives.

Me: I am so astounded at the fact that even though both of you didn’t see apples of one another while in the making, you both have written the same thought. That you both want to be each others sibling forever/in all lives.

5454Ranoo: I guess that is our umbilical cord connection.

And for a minute, there were no words in the room. You had to be there to feel the over-brimming stream of emotions… I guess that is the beauty of the relationship between a brother and a sister.

Here’s how they reacted…


IMG_4165If their love and affection reached you, vote for them! And help them compete against Damini and Bhuvan. The winners are entitled to receive a grand beauty therapy voucher from campaign sponsor and this task’s developer, Swarna Medi Spa!

Picture Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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