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Rakhi Challenge: Damini And Bhuvan Play Their Favorite Childhood Game

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  •  August 31, 2015

It is Day-4 of JWB’s Rakhi Challenge and today we bring to you the last and final task of the campaign: Playing a childhood game.

The couple that wins is entitled to receive an awesome gift hamper from campaign sponsor Swarna Medi Spa.

Ever heard the phrase “Ludo jal jata hai”? No? Even I was unaware of it, till the day Damini and Bhuvan performed task 4 of this challenge. As you may have guessed, they decided to play Ludo, their favorite game of all times!43Their ludo was pretty tiny and its magnet ludo tokens were not in a very good shape. This gave me the idea that this was quite an ancient board.

Damini: (magically perceiving my thoughts) This is our travel ludo and it is quite old. We used to play with it during our train voyages when we were kids!

Bhuvan: Jijiii iska magnet nikal raha hai. Ye hamari virasat hai jijiii!

Damini: Stop fidgeting with it! I’ll take blue.

Bhuvan: I’ll take red.

And the game began! They rolled the dice, once, twice, thrice, without any luck.

22Damini: (gets a six on the dice) Yay! (to Bhuvan) Baitha reh tu andar!

Bhuvan: Jiji I am going to win the game.

Me: Err, the game has just started and all your tokens are still inside. And you’re saying you’ll win?

Bhuvan: I can predict! Watch as I weave magic! (rolls the dice and keeps saying jadu, jadu, jadu)

I have strong reasons to believe that Chunnu knows magic, because the dice showed a six! What sorcery is this!?24Damini: It was a fluke! Ud mat!

Bhuvan: (to me) Do you know what happens if one gets a six thrice?

Me: Umm, the chance of the player is nullified.

Bhuvan: Nahi! Ludo jal jata hai!

Me: Hahahahhaha! Really?

Damini: Don’t listen to him! He’s stupid! He has coined this phrase!

Ludo jal jana: A phenomenon that occurs when you get a six on the dice three times consecutively. People, add that to your ludo dictionaries!

Me: What other games did you play as kids?

Bhuvan and Damini: Video Games! Mario!

Damini: And I never got to be Player 1 because he always took the remote! *Sulks*

Bhuvan: The truth is that she loved Luigi.

Me: Who on earth is Luigi?

Bhuvan: That character in green clothes in Mario. Google it! That was player 2. That is why she took the second remote. Don’t blame me Jiji and admit to the truth.

And I did google Luigi. Just saying.27

Damini: We played Chinese checker, scrabble, badminton, and we also climbed on the trees! Dusre bachho ki pitai bhi karte the!

Bhuvan: Arreyyy! We used to play our version of a fictional ghar-ghar game! In the game we both were siblings and we had a servant and I can’t really recollect what happened next, but that was very silly!

Meanwhile, one of Bhuvan’s tokens in ludo had eaten up one of Damini’s token. It was fun watching their mischievous expressions.

Damini and Bhuvan’s fans keep fingers crossed for them and wish them win the natural beauty therapy coupons from our campaign sponsor, Swarna Medi Spa! They compete against Ranoo and Vivek.

Picture Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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