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Rakhi Challenge: Damini And Bhuvan Create Each Other On An Apple!

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  •  August 29, 2015

Happy Raksha Bandhan dear Jaipurites! May the ties between you and your siblings become invincible as you tie a thread of love today on the other’s wrist.

By now, I am sure you all must have befriended the two brother-sister duos coming from different ages and stages of life who are contesting in our Rakhi Challenge. Need I say anymore about them?


As the challenge progresses, comes the next and my personal favorite task which was given by campaign sponsor Swarna Medi Spa: Creating your apple-of-the-eye sibling on an apple!

You know what else has an apple? Swarna Medi Spa’s products! Be it the Apple hair spa, the Apple facial, or the Apple body scrub therapies, they have a wide range of services to offer and their products are all extracted from the nature’s basket. Their beauty therapies are as natural as the bond between a brother and a sister!

29Well, carving/drawing/writing/sketching this bond…is what happened in the third task of this challenge! Let’s see how this task turned out to be for our twenty-something duo: Damini and Bhuvan!

Mission: Create your sibling on the apple.

Liberty: Use anything and everything that you can find to accomplish the mission.

Time: Ten minutes (time starts just as I finish introducing the challenge)

35Just as I started the clock, both Chunnu and his Jiji pranced around the house, hunting down their weapons.

28Fork, sketch pens, permanent markers, pencil, everything was brought to the table!

34Yes, I can safely state that the scenario reminded me of the noisy playroom in which two kids were sharing toys.

31Both the artists began creating their masterpieces. Damini’s hands worked pretty fast; and Chunnu, like a cranky little brother, rubbed whatever she had drawn.

I also witnessed theft which was happening in broad daylight, amongst the duo.

38Damini: Chunnu! Pass me that fork!

Bhuvan: Aap kaun?

Damini: (Jumps and snatches it!)

36Me: 7 minutes to go…

Damini: Wait, we can use anything, right? (I nodded) I think I need to get something from the mom’s room. I’ll be back.

Bhuvan: No! You can’t leave the premises! Aise nahi hota allowed!


That smile was anything but sweet. We knew something evil was coming up.

Me: Mr. Chunnu, chill! She is allowed to use anything. Even you can use whatever you like.

Bhuvan: Mera dimag thodi chalta hai itna! Isliye dusre ko roko. Success mantra!

Meanwhile Damini came back with kajal in her hands.

33Bhuvan: (struggling with the fork) Why does this apple have to be so juicy?!

Damini: Mehenge apple ki aadat nahi hai na tujhe!

In the backdrop of this comic scene, the doorbell of the house rang. The laundryman had come to deliver clothes. But both Bhuvan and Damini were so engrossed in their Apple task that our photographer Pallav had to attend to the laundry guy and pay him!

37Brace yourselves, to see the results of their dedicated efforts.


On the left: Bhuvan’s Creation. On the right: Damini’s Creation.

40Damini: Chunnu for me is black. I am a racist when it comes to Chunnu.

39Bhuvan: This is her. Wearing her NMS uniform, an English book in one hand and pen in the other. And that’s her messy hair.

Their expressions on seeing their Apple Portrait: Well, words fail me here.


Left: Chunnu on the apple, Right: Chunnu in reality


Apple Damini with Actual Damini

Vote for them if their quirky bond brought a smile on your face. They compete against Ranoo and Vivek. The winners are entitled to receive a grand beauty therapy voucher from campaign sponsor and this task’s developer, Swarna Medi Spa!

Picture Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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